"I have the ability, and I have a certain amount of interest," McDavid told me last week from his horse ranch northwest of Fort Worth. "I'm just in the process of deciding if it's something I'd really like to do at this point in my life."

You'd be thrilled to have McDavid as owner of the Rangers. Why? Because his dream isn't to make more money, it's to be in charge of a championship.

Said McDavid, "I can easily see how things add up to make this an attractive deal on a lot of levels."

McDavid, who was part of the Mavs' ownership group that sold to Cuban in 2000 and who was unscrupulously thwarted in an attempt to buy Atlanta's NBA and NHL teams shortly thereafter, attended Opening Day as Hicks' guest and has had several discussions about buying the Rangers. He made his fortune (remember Widetrack?) with a chain of statewide auto dealerships he opened at age 19 and sold 70 percent of in '98. He was part of the group—headed by Ross Perot Jr.—that bought the Mavs from original owner Don Carter in '96. He later flirted with buying the Stars from Hicks in '02 before negotiating with Time Warner in '03 to purchase the Hawks and Thrashers in Atlanta. In '08, he won a $316 million judgment against Time Warner after a jury ruled the company breached its contract by spurning him for another buyer.

McDavid, 67, sees the improvement in this year's Rangers, knows all about the franchise's blue-chip farm system and has even workshopped an ownership scenario that includes keeping Hicks as a minority partner and retaining Nolan Ryan as president. If Hicks' asking price gets in the neighborhood of $400 million, McDavid will be the next owner of the Texas Rangers.

McDavid has interest. Almost 50,000 fans attended last Saturday night's game at Rangers Ballpark. Several Rangers lead their positions in the first All-Star voting results released last week. And burglars broke into the team's Uptown store over the weekend and made off with $9,000 in various team memorabilia.

What do you know? This can be good.

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