Soon enough, Tyler's spirits would be lifted. Turns out, the weather may have helped his band's offering. On a cold, wet day, it was tough to put up with the slower fare of the festival—even Grizzly Bear's lush set earlier in the afternoon was hampered because of its deliberate pace, which afforded, for better or worse, audiences to opportunity to realize just how wet their clothes were and just how miserable a day it was turning out to be. But going up ahead the folksy sounds of recent indie icon Bon Iver, Tyler and Co.'s more rocking material allowed for a respite from the weather—if only mentally—and drew an remarkably large crowd to its show.

"I was actually a little surprised," Tyler says. "Seeing all the people out there, it was like, 'Holy shit, these people don't even care about the weather.' They were just sitting through it. It was inspiring. It ended up being a great memory for us."

For the fans too. With a re-worked set list that was purposefully created for the rain and avoided the band's slow-paced, ballad-like material, the band rocked straight through a high-energy 45-minute performance. But with five minutes left in its timeslot, fans didn't want to leave—and responding to their shouts for more, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights were cheered on to one of the few day-performance encores of the weekend.

Patrick Michels

"That was crazy," Tyler says. "It puts us one step closer to where we want to be as a band."

Consider Saturday a step in the right direction for all three of the young area acts on the bill.

Dallas had its moments in the sun on Sunday, too, of course. The Toadies quite literally shined before a loud, adoring audience after receiving a hero's welcome during one of the few sunny moments of the day. And, as night fell on Zilker Park, even the blossoming Dallas hip-hop scene got a few nods on the festival grounds: Mashup guru Girl Talk infused his set with snips from not one, but two of Dallas's biggest hits of the year, Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" and The GS Boyz's "Stanky Legg."

Still, reflecting on the weekend, Saturday was the pivotal moment for the bulk of Dallas' artists who'd made the trek. And even if, years from now, fans don't necessarily consider the day a turning point for these acts' careers, the bands almost certainly will.

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