Lace 'Em Up!

Having somehow missed the team's three games leading up to the crucial penultimate contest, I'm not confident predicting how Dallas Desire matches up to the Los Angeles Temptation in the Desire's Lingerie Football League home finale--particularly because the Desire's Web site doesn't include statistics beyond player height and weight (what, no cup sizes?). Guess the webmaster was too busy uploading game footage that borders on soft porn to bother with quarterback rankings and fourth-down conversion rates. But here goes: Dallas takes it 21-13 on the strength of the running game. It's too hot (OK, too obscure) for television, so catch it 9 p.m. Friday at QuikTrip Park, 1600 Lone Star Parkway in Grand Prairie. Tickets ($10 to $115) are at
Fri., Oct. 23, 9 p.m., 2009
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