Emmitt Smith is a genius.

The former Cowboy received all sorts of praise when in September he said, "Realistically, I think that the Cowboys can win seven games." To do that, they'll have to go 1-7 in the second half of the season. Emmitt, you're up. And your dumb devotees, they're next.

The Cowboys need Michael Vick.

Tashard Choice looks just fine operating the quarterback-less Razorback set, and the Cowboys don't need another distraction at Valley Ranch.

Besides, has there ever been a more overblown story than Vick's return to the NFL? Off the field, there was no picketing or boycotts or dropped sponsors. And on the field, Vick has about as much impact as Cowboys third-string quarterback Stephen McGee. Against Dallas, he carried one time for two yards. Yawn. Urging the Cowboys to replace Romo with a convicted dog-killer is one thing, but desiring a crappy player is an entirely separate, barely pardonable sin.

Roy Williams will never produce.

Through 16 games (a full season) as a Cowboy, Williams—who cost the team first- and third-round draft picks and a $45 million contract extension—had 33 catches for 447 yards and only three touchdowns. Austin had more yards and touchdowns in his first three starts, and it's never good when your third-highest paid player is your fourth-leading receiver. But against the Eagles, Williams had his best game as a Cowboy, settling into his role as a receiver with a big body and soft hands who can run the slant and move the chains. To say Williams would never connect with Romo was just asinine. Something that, for sure, should be confessed, then corrected.

Last year's locker room wasn't divided/ Chemistry doesn't matter.

Yes it was. And yes it does. Right, captain Bradie James?

"Everybody understands their role and accepts it," he said after the win at Lincoln Financial Field. "That wasn't the case last year."

The Cowboys will choke again come December.

Those clinging to that prediction are absolved.

For now.

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