He not only launched into a "next time you might want to try" sales pitch, he explained some of the nuances, a little bit about the tequila in question, addressed the sweet and sour issue—indicating they used only a few drops to soften the cocktail—and then brought over a sample. It was tart much more than sweet, with a soft, grassy undertone and hint of bitter orange.

He's right. It's closer to what I call a real margarita.

The waiter on my first visit seemed shy about his English language skills. I had a hard time finding the right words to let him know I needed to add $5 to the tip in order to get change for the valet. Instead of letting it drop, he solved the matter by calling a manager. Clearly someone has impressed the staff with the importance of customer service.

Among its standard Tex-Mex chain fare, Jorge’s offers up several delightful surprises.
Sara Kerens
Among its standard Tex-Mex chain fare, Jorge’s offers up several delightful surprises.

Location Info


Jorge's Tex-Mex Cafe

1722 Routh St., 122
Dallas, TX 75201

Category: Restaurant > Tex-Mex

Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum


Jorgeís Tex-Mex Brisket nachos $13 Shrimp quesadilla $12 Ceviche $12 Midland botana $18 Caldo de pozole $10 Tamales $13 Huevos rancheros $11 Asado de puerco $14

Service and atmosphere matter more than food, at least in terms of someone enjoying their evening out. General manager Camilo Calderon—an alumni of Stephan Pyles, Dragonfly and the Crescent Court (where he directed room service)—clearly understands this. I credit him, his staff and those beautiful tamales for the positive memories I have of Jorge's.

Otherwise, it's a hit-and-miss Tex-Mex kitchen in the heart of fine dining territory.

Jorge’s Tex-Mex 1722 Routh St. (One Arts Plaza), 214-720-2211. Open 9 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Saturday. $$$
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