We both decided to go for it: I ordered the bone-in, cowboy-cut rib eye, which means 22 big ol' ounces, rather than my second choice, ahi tuna, which they serve "black and white," sesame and shiitake. My BFF ordered the steak and cake, a 6-ounce fillet and king crab cake.

The sides come a la carte and, unless you haven't eaten in weeks, I'd recommend ordering halves, even to share. We chose their four-cheese lobster mac. All I have to say is—do whatever it takes, climb over whoever you have to and get yourself a portion. Only not too much. This stuff was rich and creamy and, shockingly, not over the top. As for the scalloped potatoes we had...well, they were enrobed in rich cheese sauce. But, really, next to lobster mac, it was no contest.

My steak arrived medium rare plus, as ordered. The top and edges were crusty and flavor-packed and the steak had just the right amount of yummy fat for flavor. My BFF's fillet was spot-on too, tender, well-seasoned. The crab cake was a mass of top-notch crab with a dusting of red pepper and zero fillers. I grew up the daughter of a reform rabbi outside of Baltimore, where crab cakes are a matter of life and death. Daddy would certainly have given these his blessing.

Bailey’s steaks may be man-sized, but it’s a welcoming place for women too.
Sara Kerens
Bailey’s steaks may be man-sized, but it’s a welcoming place for women too.

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Bailey's Prime Plus Steakhouse

8160 Park Lane
Dallas, TX 75231

Category: Restaurant > Steakhouse

Region: Northeast Dallas


Bailey’s Prime Plus Park Lane “That” Salad $9 Spicy Texas rubbed chicken $25 Cinnamon maple-glazed pork chop $25 Black and white ahi tuna $34 Bone-in cowboy-cut rib eye $49 Lobster mac $13 Apple crumble blondie $9 Bailey’s Boozie Homemade Hot Fudge Sundae $9

We were totally full at that point, but the dessert menu was too tempting for this sweet-toothed girl to pass up. My BFF ordered the apple crumble blondie, a nice solid dessert—though the blondie should have been warmed to melt the vanilla ice cream a bit. Isn't that the point of putting the two in a bowl together?

I confess to ordering the Bailey's Boozie Homemade Hot Fudge Sundae. It's a homemade brownie topped with Baileys Irish cream liqueur ice cream and served with homemade hot fudge, roasted salted almonds, brandied Michigan cherries, whipped cream and Heath bar chunks. Come on. Any girl who tells you she doesn't want that is lying.

But I'm surprised to report that it wasn't as earth-shattering as I would have expected. Like the blondie, the brownie should have been warmed. And for the quantity of truly delicious ice cream, there should have been an equal amount of toppings. But I quibble.

Overall, the service was stellar. Our water glasses were never empty. Our leftovers, which we had plenty of, were wrapped in gold foil and packed in black boxes with gold, monogrammed seals. And when we got our car back from the valet, there were tiny bottles of water waiting for us in the drink holder. Nice touch.

Bailey's was a Goldilocks experience for me. I didn't know what to expect when I wandered in. Some steakhouses offer nothing but slabs of meat. Other steakhouses make women feel like little more than necessary scenery. But Bailey's felt just right.

Bailey’s Prime Plus Park Lane 8160 Park Lane, Suite 130, 214-750-8100 Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday and Monday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, 11.a.m.-1 a.m. Friday and Saturday
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