The Rangers never really lie. They just don't tell us the truth. They can no longer be trusted. Their accountability and credibility are severely, if not permanently, tarnished.

And it raises the question, "What else are they hiding?"

"There will be some criticism and disagreement with how this was handled with Ron and some of that is fair," Daniels said. "But moving forward we're convinced Ron will do all the right things, and hopefully our fans will agree we made the correct decisions."

Hey, Ron, don’t snort the line if you can’t do the time.
Hey, Ron, don’t snort the line if you can’t do the time.

During spring training a couple weeks ago, I encountered sunshine and rainbows and optimism. The feel-good thread of Rangers' camp flowed through new centerfielder Julio Borbon and new owner Chuck Greenberg and into Ryan's prediction of 92 wins and the team's first playoff berth this millennium.

But now we're left to question Washington (the day after his cocaine revelation he admitted to using marijuana and amphetamines as a player). We're pondering whether to boo our own manager on Opening Day April 5 in Arlington. We're guffawing at departing owner Tom Hicks' promise of "zero tolerance" moving forward with the manager. And we're scratching our head at how almost every upper-level manager in America would lose his job over this, save Washington.

Said Hamilton, "I don't think any less of the man or his character. I'm not worried about him. I got a little more respect for him today. To stand up there and admit to that in front of everybody is admirable."

Washington is guilty. But are Rangers fans really that gullible?

Seems what would be truly admirable would be Washington diligently, competently doing his job without the use of drugs. Take a bow, Wade Phillips, Rick Carlisle and Marc Crawford, for you toil away at your head-coaching job...sans cocaine.

Amazingly, the same cannot be said for Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington.

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