M.D.C., The Restarts, Warcola, Odor, Teenage Kamikaze

Sunday, May 23, at the Prophet Bar

The accolades went to rivals the Dead Kennedys, but hardcore provocateurs M.D.C. weren't far behind. The band began while singer Dave Dictor attended the University of Texas in Austin. Outraged at the outpouring of grief over John Wayne's death in '79, Dictor connected Wayne's right-wing views and jingoistic films in his band's signature track, "John Wayne Was a Nazi."

Originally called The Stains, the band soon assumed their current acronym, which has stood for many things across their seven releases, including Millions of Damn Christians, Multi-Death Corporation and, most (in)famously, Millions of Dead Cops. While their causes remained consistent—including fast-food factory farming ("Corporate Deathburger"), the military-industrial complex ("Missile Destroyed Civilization") and sellouts of all stripes ("Cock Rocker," "Moneypile")—the breakneck pace has moderated somewhat over the years into a raucous garage-punk rumble.

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The Prophet Bar Big Room

2513 Main St.
Dallas, TX 75226

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum

MDC initially collapsed in the mid-'90s thanks to Dictor's meth habit, but reunited in '02 after he got sober. Their terrific 2004 comeback, Magnus Dominus Corpus, was marked by several stinging broadsides aimed at President Bush, including the humorous Beverly Hillbillies-themed "Ballad of G.W." They've been particularly active the last six months, releasing two 7" splits and a split LP with U.K. punks the Restarts, who join the band on this tour.

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