Craziest thing he's said since Carter handed him the keys.

Cuban reminds that if the Mavericks had turned a $1 million profit this season, as a minuscule shareholder Perot Jr. would have "made" only $25,000. He'll likely spend more on attorney's fees filing and following the lawsuit.

"This isn't about money," Cuban surmises. "It's Ross Perot being who he is."

Mark Cuban is a rare kind of sports franchise owner—rich enough to care most about winning.
Mark Cuban is a rare kind of sports franchise owner—rich enough to care most about winning.

Cuban believes the virtual and legal head-butting is personal; Perot Jr. maintains it's all business.

"It's about the Mavericks, now and in the future," Perot Jr. told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Randy Galloway last week. "Mark has got to fix the finances, and he's got to fix the team. What I don't want to see is the Mavericks end up like the Rangers."

Embarking on unprecedented financial trouble for a Major League Baseball team, the Rangers' change-of-ownership from Hicks to Greenberg, which has been on hold for months, now finds itself on the rocks.

Hicks Sports Group—which owns the Rangers, Stars and Liverpool—defaulted on $525 million in loans last March. With unpaid interest, that amount now exceeds $600 million. Not surprisingly, Hicks' creditors—mainly the hedge fund Monarch Alternative Capital—want the most money they can squeeze out of the sale to Greenberg, who is attempting to buy the team along with Nolan Ryan. Because they feel a more lucrative deal exists—via a different ownership group or more money from the Greenberg arrangement—the creditors have yet to approve the sale.

Though it took no official action at its owners meetings last week in New York, MLB will likely this week officially take control of the Rangers. While commissioner Bud Selig could invoke his "best interests of baseball" clause and validate the Greenberg sale, Hicks' creditors would attempt to push the team into court and, eventually, into bankruptcy.

At this point Greenberg still regularly attends Rangers games. But only as a fan.

Psst! Hey buddy, wanna buy a...

On second thought, how about just a ticket to a game?

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