The food was good, but marred by pesky flaws that didn't surface when Saturday night crowds forced the kitchen to play its A-game: Rice pudding was served so cold that its flavors coalesced into an icy mass, and a grilled strip steak was sliced and rushed to the table before it was done resting, which meant the rosy meat didn't fully absorb its own juices (although a penetrating red wine marinade improved the situation). I'm not sure if there's an official food version of the cliché about multitasking—if you need something sautéed, ask a busy chef?—but it's being acted out at Platia, where even our excellent server seemed less engaged the second time she waited on us.

I only saw one server both times I dined at Platia, and imagine it would be hard for the restaurant to find her equal. When one of my guests asked about a salad dressing, she confidently reeled off the recipe. She was so sharp-eyed that when my table did the standard "pass your plate to the right" critic trick, she ran back to check if she'd confused our orders. She was friendly, efficient and literate in coffee grounds.

"I'll come back and do your reading," she promised when she delivered my father's Greek coffee. When he'd emptied his cup, she pulled up a chair and counseled him to stop thinking about whatever had been bothering him (perhaps it was that lie he'd told about his heritage). "You will go to the sea," she predicted.

Platia puts its own stamp on dishes such as a fabulous 
Sara Kerens
Platia puts its own stamp on dishes such as a fabulous sokolatina.

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Platia Greek Kouzina

2995 Preston Road
Frisco, TX 75034-0602

Category: Restaurant > Greek

Region: Frisco


Platia Greek Kouzina Dip sampler $11.95 Grilled octopus $9.25 Saganaki $8 Avgolemono $3.95 Gyros platter $11.95 Pastitsio $11.50 Roast chicken $11.95 Steak $15.95 Lamb chops $19.95 Sokolatina $5 Galaktobouriko $5 Rice pudding $3.75 Greek coffee $3.50

I'm not sure of my dad's maritime plans. But I strongly suspect if he finds himself in Dallas again, he will go back to Platia.

Platia Greek Kouzina Gaylord Parkway at Mall Road F, Frisco, 972-334-0031, Open 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday and noon-9 p.m. Sunday. $$
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