Danzig, Marduk, Toxic Holocaust, Possessed, Withered

Sunday, October 31, at the Southside Music Hall

What better evening for the renowned dark metal master Danzig to play Dallas than Halloween?

On what could well prove to be the last time Glenn Danzig performs in our area, the former Misfits frontman has decided to go out in style. By bringing along as openers four younger bands—most of whom have certainly been influenced by one of his musical adventures—Danzig seems to be saying, "Look at what I've done."

Problem is, the guy doesn't have to. If known only for The Misfits, New York's legendary horror punk outfit, Danzig's place in music lore would be secure. And despite the commercial success he's had as the leader of the band that carries his name, Danzig has often come across as a sad caricature, a mutant weight-lifting-obsessed carnival barker. For every solid (but silly) rock cut like "Mother" and "Twist of Cain," fans have had to put up with a ton of shit, including not one, but two classical efforts.

Location Info


South Side Music Hall

1135 S. Lamar St.
Dallas, TX 75215

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Oak Cliff & South Dallas

Seems Mr. Danzig is not one to acknowledge his limitations—at least, not until recently. Remarkably, Danzig's new album, Deth Red Sabaoth, despite the stupid misspellings, is his most coherent release in years, a scary collection of songs that would prove to be a worthy epitaph if Danzig decides the effort is to be his last.

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