Dufilho, for whom Travellers serves as his first time working with the Apples in the studio since joining the band four years ago, was leaned on heavily during the disc's production, Schneider says. Schneider credits him for analyzing and finding various percussive sounds—sounds Schneider wanted but couldn't pinpoint from Michael Jackson's Thriller, which ended up being, by Dufilho's estimation, distorted glass bottle hits—for use throughout the disc. And, despite his short time in the band, a song Dufilho wrote, called "Floating in Space," also appears on the disc and finds him taking over lead vocal duties from Schneider.

"We have all these great songwriters and producers in our band, and I wanted to include them," Schneider explains. "And, given the concept of this record, it should include these other geniuses contributing their productions and styles to the record, helping tie it together into the futuristic fabric."

As is par for Schneider's course, his answer's a bit out there, but it also makes sense. In his idealized vision of the future, collaboration is a key component.

OK, so the Apples aren't totally normal. But whatever.
Adam Cantor
OK, so the Apples aren't totally normal. But whatever.

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Granada Theater

3524 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: East Dallas & Lakewood

Oh, and speaking of the future? Schneider wasn't kidding about Dufilho's upcoming Deathray Davies record.

"It's so good," Schneider emphatically reiterates. "It's incredibly good. It's amazing. It's complex, and, at the same time, it's got lots of really catchy songs. He's really creative."

Hey, if anyone's an expert on blending creativity and catchy songs, it's Schneider.

So here's looking forward to the new Deathray Davies disc—assuming Schneider's amusing distractions don't further push back that album's release.

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