The Browns ranked 22nd in defense last year, up from 31st in 2009. Under Ryan's aggressive 3-4 scheme, they had 19 interceptions and allowed only seven rushing touchdowns. They also probably led the league in confidence from its coordinator. During last year's disappointing season, the Cleveland media asked Rob if he was nervous about losing his job.

"If they bring somebody else in, good luck," he responded. "Because he isn't going to be nearly as good as I am."

We didn't get to hear any such bravado last week because the Cowboys trumpeted the hiring not with a press conference, but rather a simple e-mail press release. Media requesting interviews with Rob were told no assistants would be available to talk until after the draft in late April.

New Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan in one of his more pensive moments.
New Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan in one of his more pensive moments.

Which begs the question: How the hell is this odd-couple relationship going to work? Head coach Jason Garrett is buttoned-up, conservative, Ivy League-educated and talks coachspeak fluently. Rob Ryan is F-bombs.

So far it's clear that owner Jerry Jones didn't lie when he promised to relinquish some control to his new head coach. Make no mistake, this is Garrett's hire. More so, the decision not to allow Rob an opening stand-up act at Valley Ranch is all Garrett and no Jones.

Not sure if the new defensive coordinator will eventually command the spotlight from his head coach, whether he will push the Cowboys to draft a play-making cornerback such as Nebraska's Prince Amukamara, or if he's capable of maximizing what we think is still a talented group of defenders.

But in the final analysis a couple things are certain:

Phillips was a dud.

And we have to swallow our pride, grit our teeth and hope that Buddy's boy is indeed a dude.

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I hear he can't speak for more than 15 seconds before he uses profanity.I heard a wise man once say " what you hear come out of somebody's mouth is the true measure of what's in thier heart"

Titus Groan
Titus Groan

"But to some of us, it'll be difficult to get past Rob as the son of a Buddy."

Actually RW, just to one of us. You. The rest of us graduated from middle school.


You want the cowboys to win? Tell Jerry Jones to just be an owner and stop interfering with coaches and let them pick their own staff like a normal foot ball team...