Does John Wiley Price have a hidden agenda for his political hit on Bruce Sherbet?

Meet the new boss: In the '08 Obama/Clinton primary election, it was clear we had two Democratic Parties in Dallas County. We had the one that won that election—the smart Obamacrats. And then we had the losers, the Dallas County Demacrooks, the usual suspects, the ones who took all that Clinton money but didn't do squat to run a campaign for her because they were too lazy, stupid and greedy to get off their asses.

We've been wondering which one would come out on top, now that the county and the courthouse are solid majority Democrat. Now we know.

We're talking about the political assassination of Bruce Sherbet, the county elections administrator for 24 years. Sherbet is an honest guy, very smart, with huge moral integrity. He has always done the right thing in a job where sooner or later almost everybody he works for wants him to do the wrong thing.

So last week our new Democratic County Judge Clay Jenkins and Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price succeeded in running him off. Jenkins, an inarticulate knuckle-under hey-boy for Price, offered some asinine story about how he never wanted to fire Sherbet. He just wanted to subject him to a "performance review."

Yeah. Have you ever had a performance review at your job that you didn't get to attend? And at the end of it they vote whether to fire you?

Did someone think he could get rid of Sherbet behind the scenes, without anyone noticing? Or did someone just not give a rat's ass?

The rat's-ass theory sounds most likely, and the best candidate for rat's ass is Price. When Price was working to sabotage the inland port project, the huge warehouse and transportation center that was the single best opportunity for employment black Southern Dallas has ever seen, he didn't give a rat's ass if his own constituents caught him at it. He doesn't think his constituents are smart enough to figure out that Price was foot-dragging on the port while his friends lined up to get a cut of the deal.

Price cares about two things: Price and money.

Watch carefully. This Sherbet thing is going to be about Price and money. At some point before the May elections, the county is going to take up a new set of contracts having to do with those elections—machines, ballot printing, consulting. Something.

And the Demacrooks are going to have a very big sleazy interest in seeing how those contracts go. It's just the kind of thing they couldn't have pulled off with Sherbet in office, because Sherbet is honest.

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I vote and so do my friends
I vote and so do my friends

Well, Chicago-style politics are alive and well in Dallas, TX! The EYES OF TEXAS ARE UPON YOU JOHN WILEY PRICE.


Seems the Republicas took 20 years to become crooked in Dallas County while John Wiley Price is looking to speed up that process. At least Jim Foster had the guts to stand up to Price. Clay Jenkins obviously does not. I consider myself a life-long liberal, and I'll continue voting Democratic in statewide and national elections. But I'm switching to Republican in local contests. They seem to be less crooked.


JWP is the most blatent self-serving racist I've ever had the misfortune of running into. Back in the 80's, his "protest marches" against Parkland Hospital and other Dallas entities may have gained him some publicity ("No justice, no peace!" with a bullhorn while blocking traffic on Northwest Highway), but he was exposed as the bully he is. He doesn't care about the people--only himself. no one dares to oppose him, and he knows it.