How you know you're in Cowboy territory: There are photos from all phases of Garrison's career hanging on the wall, but Cowboy die-hards swoon over the Super Bowl helmets.

Recommended items: Anything with Garrison's super-secret signature rub: "I don't know what's in it," Johnson says with a laugh. "I'm not allowed to know." Johnson's favorite entrée is the bone-in rib-eye.

Hat Tricks Sports Bar & Grill

101 E. Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Lewisville, 972-315-8406, Open 11 a.m.-2 a.m., Monday-Sunday. $$

The Cowboy: Owner Joe Avezzano, 1990-2002

The Cowboy's non-culinary claim to fame: Avezzano is the only three-time recipient of the NFL's special teams coach of the year award.

The back story: Hat Tricks is the second food-and-beverage enterprise from Avezzano, who in 2007 opened Coach Joe's Bar & Grill in Frisco alongside Randy White's restaurant.

How you know you're in Cowboy territory: On the fourth Wednesday of every month, Avezzano stages a football tutorial to "teach ladies the rules of football in a fun and entertaining presentation." His website promises participants in the $10 program will "understand all the action of football and take home all the information you need to be a lady in the know."

Recommended items: The sports bar serves the usual array of pub grub, but staffers swear by the hand-tossed pizzas with garlic butter-brushed crusts.

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