It sounds like it could've been written only during a tour of the South, but Pedigo says he penned the riff in a hotel room in northern France on the band's last European tour. In fact, much of the record was conceived in Europe. But it maintains a distinctly American sound, which captures the feeling of the warm sunset on the album's cover. And, thanks to the help of producer Stuart Sikes (Walkmen, White Stripes), the two members, with their limited instrumentation, sound as big as a full band and, in the case of "In Numbers We Survive," even bigger.

The album hits its stride early on, but it's propelled even further with "Trying To Have A Good Time," a barroom shuffle that acts as a theme for the entire record. The band finishes in the same peaceful attitude it had in the beginning with one of the best songs Young has ever written—a peaceful, comforting sing-along called "No Troubles Left At All," which closes the case on all the relationship turmoil that was wrapped around the first album.

It's clear on Between The Two that The O's have found their identity at the point where its two members intersect. They'll be the first to tell you that they're at their best when they're working together, writing songs, and offering the punch lines for each other's jokes, which is why their live show has become one of the most entertaining in town, despite the fact that the band only has two members. "We don't need a drummer. We don't need a bass player," Pedigo says. "Those guys get in the way."

Time once again to warm up to The O's.
Allison V. Smith
Time once again to warm up to The O's.

He's right. For The O's, having anyone else in the band would only muddy up the sound and throw off the chemistry. And they don't plan to change their format—not when they've just hit their stride. "I think that we're finally coming into our own," Pedigo says. "We're becoming the band that we wanted to be in the beginning."

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Dennis Gonzalez
Dennis Gonzalez

Proud of you two.Much love from Yells At Eels (and just me!)

Dennis Gonzalez

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