But the bar's minor flaws are made up for by a brilliant bar snack: Beef jerky, supple as fruit leather and engraved with the most pleasing sweet heat. The tender strips are better marbled than most jerky, and so exude a wonderful beefiness.

Official starters are more elaborate, including fried green tomatoes with disconcertingly cakey breading and a trio of pulled pork sliders sprouting tentacles of fried onion and speared with pickle-topped sticks. The handsome sandwiches are perched on a brick. They're not bad: The pork's fairly bland, but a crisp slaw of carrots and purple cabbage provides a nice snap.

Whiskey Cake's at its best when it sticks to basic bar food. A sirloin steak was drowned out by the stench of mesquite smoke, while a much-touted roasted half-chicken was terribly dry (although the sweet potato fennel hash that accompanied it was a wintry revelation).

Whiskey Cake gets a lot more right than just booze and dessert.
Sara Kerens
Whiskey Cake gets a lot more right than just booze and dessert.

Location Info


Whiskey Cake

3601 Dallas Parkway
Plano, TX 75093

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Plano


Whiskey Cake 3601 Dallas Parkway, Plano, 972-993-2253, www.whiskey-cake.com. Open 11a.m.-midnight Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Friday, 10 a.m.-2 a.m., Saturday and 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Sunday.$$

Beef jerky $6 Fried green tomatoes $8 Deviled eggs $5 Hummus $6 Mussels $12 Pork sliders $10 Bacon and egg salad $9 Hot pastrami melt $11 Holmes farm bird $14 Top sirloin $18 Whiskey cake $7

I much preferred a rather manly rendition of steamed plump mussels, tossed with smoked chili butter and hunks of Cajun ham. While house-cured pastrami had a strange, pickling lime tang, the sandwich was nicely proportioned, and featured a forthright whole grain mustard that could ennoble most any cold cut. Mustard also played a supporting role in the vinaigrette aboard an excellent frisee salad topped with hunks of bacon and a sunny-side up egg.

For dessert, of course, there's whiskey cake, a stout, pecan-studded toffee cake that tastes like something Dickens might have eaten to celebrate the publication of Punch Magazine. I mean no offense when I say the cake has the texture and appearance of meatloaf, bathed in bourbon Anglaise sauce and crowned with whipped cream. I really liked it. I generally don't care for sweets, but it's nearly impossible to avoid succumbing to the charms of whiskey cake—and Whiskey Cake.

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While I might give Whiskey Cake points for trendy design and earnest server training, the food I have eaten there is grandly conceived, baroquely described, and badly executed. The cocktails and whiskey-soaked desserts are not draws for me, either, especially at lunchtime. By the way, I hated the Plano Tavern too.


Im not sure what food you received at WC, but I have tried almost all the items on the menu as well as the cocktails and beers. Making it one of my favorite restaurants. The food is amazingly executed- The made from scratch cocktails are so unique and delish! How could you down the whiskey cake! That toffee torte cake in the whiskey anglaise is amazing, 10/10 people I have brought to WC have fallen in love with it. What kind of food do you eat sir?