Kemado, as one might expect, loved what they heard. No, really, they loved the demos.

"They wanted to release the demos," Phillips says. "We couldn't do that. The demos were wrong and had gibberish vocals. They were unreleasable."

So the label agreed to a recording budget and the band recorded High how they wanted—which is to say slowly and loudly, or, as the band describes it, with a "stonegaze" appeal.

True Widow continue to sculpt their identity on their sophomore release.
Steve Visneau
True Widow continue to sculpt their identity on their sophomore release.


True Widow perform with the Toadies, Ume, Ishi and Here Holy Spain at the Observer's annual St. Patrick's Day Concert Saturday, March 12,at Energy Square Parking Lot.

"Tempo is something that we talk a lot about," Starks says, "I think more than we really realize it."

Phillips credits Unwound's Leaves Turn Inside You as an early influence on the band's sound, given that he was listening to it quite a bit in Boston as he started to write. But other, more obvious connections, such as Failure, Hum and Low, never crossed his mind. Matter of fact, the trio had never heard of those bands until people made those comparisons for them, usually while on tour.

"When you're there doing it, you're not thinking about, 'Oh, potentially there's this other band from 10 years ago that might have captured this one element in this one song,'" Starks says. "You're doing what you're doing to do it."

These days, that "doing" includes a few stops at SXSW, then up through the East Coast in April with ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and Surfer Blood. They hope to tour Europe shortly thereafter. But, as with everything else in this band's career, True Widow are for now steadfastly holding on to their wait-and-see approach.

"We'll see what happens," Phillips says.

And, in his defense, that's not a bad philosophy. It's worked out well enough so far.

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failure, low and hum all suck though...

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