Fang Island

9:45 p.m., Inside Stage

Brooklyn's Fang Island are one of the most versatile and exciting acts on this year's Bro Fest bill. Their blend of prog-rock, punk, metal and pop is all held together by one key ingredient—fun—which is evident in every dueling guitar solo and double bass-drum hit. It's also landed them in some interesting positions: They've jammed with Andrew WK; they've jammed with a classroom full of rambunctious kindergartners; they even did a stint opening for The Flaming Lips last year. When they take the stage at Bro Fest, fans can expect nothing less than a good time.

The Greenhornes are among the big names playing this year's Bro Fest.
The Greenhornes are among the big names playing this year's Bro Fest.

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2720 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75226

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum


Bro Fest takes place all day on Sunday, March 20, at Club Dada.

The Greenhornes

10:20 p.m., Outside Stage

The biggest claim to fame from Cincinnati, Ohio, natives The Greenhornes is that two of its members, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, make up half of The Raconteurs with Jack White and Brendan Benson. But long before this collaboration took place, The Greenhornes were plugging away at their own blues-based garage-rock sound. By 2005, the group had bounced around from one major label to another and released three records to only minor reception. But the resulting hiatus that yielded to the stint with The Raconteurs was probably the best thing that ever happened to The Greenhornes: Now, after eight years, they have released their fourth album, Four Stars, on White's label, Third Man Records. After 17 years as a band, this might be the breakthrough they've been looking for.

Horse The Band

11 p.m., Inside Stage

On their website, Horse The Band have two scheduled performances coming up—one at SXSW, and one at Bro Fest. It was a far different story three years ago, when the band, known for touring vigorously, visited five continents and 45 countries, funding the entire thing on their own. At this year's Bro Fest, they are one of the most eccentric acts on the bill. That's because they've incorporated 8-bit Nintendo sounds into their metal offerings, creating a genre called "Nintendocore." Strange as it sounds, it's brought the band popularity worldwide.

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