Other entrées were inconsistent. Sparkly grilled pork ribs glazed with sriracha sauce were tender, but an accompaniment of wintry holdover shredded carrots, cabbage and gluey mashed potatoes didn't do much for the peppery dish. I liked the fried sheets of Brussels sprout leaves that appeared with a North Carolina black grouper—a Dallas restaurant rarity since removed from the menu—but the fish was badly overcooked.

And then there's beef. The rib-eye I tried was tough at medium-rare and assisted little by a splotchy béarnaise, but its undoing was a strong licorice flavor, suggestive of a deglazing with Pernod. The brutish odor overwhelmed the steak.

There was nothing wrong with braised lamb, but the long-cooked, plainly seasoned meat tasted like something that should have been served in a British pub and downed with a glass of stout. It probably would have paired well with the schizoid potatoes—neither chip nor fry, but trapped somewhere in the middle—that came with the rib-eye. Instead, the kitchen graced the plate with fresh tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese.

Crisp duck legs with smooth polenta, rooftop honey jus and trumpet mushrooms sound nice, but maybe Park should take a clue from its patio and relax.
Sara Kerens
Crisp duck legs with smooth polenta, rooftop honey jus and trumpet mushrooms sound nice, but maybe Park should take a clue from its patio and relax.

Location Info



1921 Henderson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: East Dallas & Lakewood


Park 1921 Henderson Avenue, (214-824-3343, www.parkhenderson.com, 5:30 p.m.-10 p.m.,Tuesday-Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.-11 p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Saturday. $$$
Burrata flatbread $14 Duck leg $19 Gulf crab toast $10 Pan seared grouper $22 Ricotta donuts $7 Jalapeno mac $12 Leg of lamb $19 Fried broccoli $9 Rib-eye $24 Shrimp cocktail $11 Sunflower salad $7 Pork ribs $23 Lemon chicken $17

Desserts didn't thrill. An overly sweet tarte tatin seemed to have been crafted from maraschino cherries, and ricotta donuts exemplified Park's bad habit of not letting a dish alone. The rice pudding used as a filling might have been plated with fruit for a perfectly fine last course. Instead, it was fried into massive balls and doused with a sauce sounding strong ginger and pear notes.

"It's cranberry," our server assured us.

Deconstructed, cranberry, whatever. Call it what you'd like. Semantics unfortunately don't matter much when a dish is overwrought. Park may just need to follow the lead of the laid-back guests on its patio and thoroughly relax.

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Park fan
Park fan

Very snarky review - why? I have had the pleasure of a meal at Park twice: the first was good and the second meal was absolutely stellar. We loved the "Rye Not" and flatbread pizza was out of this world (sausage was my favorite) and the lamb tartare was addictively good. I appreciate the thoughtful menu at Park and the excellent cooking.

Please, in the future, do not discuss your digestive problems in print.


uh, ok...the owner of Park is now cursing at reviews online? not good. classy.

yes this is a scathing review, but Park fails in many places. notably above-good food. it's not bad but entirely misguided from cocktails to apps to entrees.

i understand what they're trying to do and certainly appreciate it but the food needs some work. the inspiration and creativity is there, just needs better execution.


Was Hanna trying to go out with a hateful bang?? I don't understand this bashing of a review at all. The new menu at Park has been an incredibly positive change from the previous. The flatbread I had was amazing and no nutmeg?!? The duck was out of this world and the lamb meatballs were flat out unreal they were so good!!!!!! Better luck next time Park. Leslie Brenner knows her shit and will give you guys a great review.

Ryan Beason112
Ryan Beason112

Ouch!!! This is harsh, borderline hateful. I agree with the chef....if you state the reason you're leaving Dallas is because your allergies are that bad, how can you feel that you are giving an accurate description of the food. And it sounds as though you didn't, given the fact that the chef states you mentioned ingredients they don't use. I was there last week and had the flatbread of which you speak and am trying to figure out where you came up with nutmeg on that one. Not even a hint of it! I enjoy Park and love to take guests from out of town there. The menu change has been a breath of fresh air for the place and I can only see it getting better as the weeks tick by. As said below....good luck at your next job!

J. Daniels
J. Daniels

I agree with Elizabeth. The menu has been a welcome change for me and my husband. We love Park so much more with the menu change. It is creative and well executed. We have had several lovely dinners in the past few months and love the fact that it is just around the corner! Keep up the good work Park, we look forward to your seasonal changes!!!


WOW. This is harsh review. I have been to Park several times since new menu & everytime I go it's really great. I only went once when Marc Cassel was there because his menu was horrible. This new menu is really great. I hope people reading this will still go to Park to experience the food regardless of how brutal this review is.


Hi Hanna.

First and foremost I wish you best of luck in your new job. Dallas will miss you. Please when you decide to trash a kitchen do some fact checking first. You cited ingredients we don't use in our dishes and insinuated we use frozen vegetables, which we don't. Why? I am sorry for your allergies, as my wife suffers the same fate. But do not write such s$$t if you can't taste anything or don't have the courtesy of at least a call.


Garreth DickeyPark RestaurantDallas, Texas

Hanna Raskin
Hanna Raskin

Garreth, I'd be happy to talk to you about the review. I've just tried you at the restaurant, but didn't get an answer there. Please feel free to call my office: (214)757-8434.

I do want to clarify here that my allergies have no bearing on my ability to smell or taste. My editor flinches every time I start to detail my health problems, but -- as my doctors explained it to me -- the effects of allergies can travel up or down. Up produces the symptoms familiar to anyone who's seen a television commercial for allergy medication: Watery eyes, stuffy nose and breathing difficulties. Down leads to digestive issues. Out of respect for my editor and sensitive readers, suffice to say my allergies would be classified in the latter category.

As I wrote in the review, I understand you are dedicated to using only fresh vegetables. I have no idea whether the vegetable I served was ever frozen. But I do know it tasted very much like a thawed vegetable, which is a disappointing fate for a fresh broccoli stalk. While I had a few very good dishes at Park, I thought there was room for improvement. From the comments here, it sounds like other diners disagree with my assessment. I'm glad that you've cultivated such a loyal following, and glad so many eaters have found a restaurant they so enjoy.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.