"The stigma that this is a negative spot to be in has long gone away," Barlow says.

"We're right where we wished we would be," he says, talking about his venue, though he might as well be discussing the neighborhood as a whole.

From the start, Clint Barlow preached patience with Trees. Now we're seeing why.
Patrick Michels
From the start, Clint Barlow preached patience with Trees. Now we're seeing why.

Location Info



2709 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75226-1425

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum

"We're where we should be," he says. "Maybe even further along."

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Ed in the OC
Ed in the OC

Starting a venue in the worst economic times our lifetime and to not only still be open but thriving speaks to all involved. Congrats to everyone at Trees!

Russ Minton
Russ Minton

Congratulation on your well deserved success, Clint. I knew you would be a positive force, one to be reckoned with, for Deep Ellum. Keep it up!

Jackie B.
Jackie B.

I'm a big fan of Deep Ellum but can't embrace this venue (former TREES was great!). The owner is a major ass; You painted a very warped picture of the guy. He treats bands very poorly and does not honor what he agrees to pay them. Sadly, most bands have no choice but to kiss his ass in order to play there. God forbid a band say anything about him or the venue...they will be blackballed. Not sure how long their lease is, but i'd like to see another tenant in that building.

deanna echols
deanna echols

I moved from Las Vegas to the DFW metroplex...culture shock!!! Deep Ellum is the only place in Dallas that really makes me feel like I have a place in the metroplex! I hope for the continued success of the revitalization efforts being made by the club owners & residents! I absolutely love being down there when the streets are full of enthusiastic music fans & bands hanging around outside the clubs!

Summer Amshoff
Summer Amshoff

I have not seen him treat anyone poorly. He has always been kind to me and the bands I have worked with in the past. I love that venue. Clint is very business oriented and he does what he needs to do to keep the his employees paid and their sales up. Every place and venue owner is going to have someone say something bad about them...but you can't make everyone happy... You got to do what is right for your business first or you can't possibly take care of your employees or performers. Clint Barlow is a great guy...I stand strongly behind that statement.

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