The Atomic Pie: Go Ahead. Drop the Big One on Your Heart.

The Atomic Pie website claims that their pizza is "the first 'American style' pizza in Dallas." Weird, because I thought Pizza Hut's Ultimate Stuffed Crust Pizza (get the Meaty and the crust has pepperoni, sausage, bacon and cheese packed inside it), in which they manage to stuff another entire pizza inside the pizza crust, was the first American-style pizza in Dallas. That's gotta be like a thousand calories in a slice. How much more American does it get? I had to know.

Atomic Pie is in Lake Highlands in a little, unassuming shopping center. The place is tiny—only five tables inside for people who are dining in. (There's more seating out front, but it's that classic Dallas outdoor seating option where your table is right on the parking lot. If you like huffing delicious minivan fumes, these spots are for you.) Tattooed guys make the pizzas, and Sinatra plays through the speakers.

When I was there all the tables were full, there was a line of people picking up to-go orders, delivery guys were running in and out with food—pretty good signs for a place that just opened in March. Atomic Pie seems to be crawling with Lake Highlanders like Charlie Sheen is crawling with idiot.

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Atomic Pie

9660 Audelia Road, 117
Dallas, TX 75238

Category: Restaurant > Dessert

Region: Northeast Dallas


Atomic Pie 9660 Audelia Road 214-553-5733
Tat count: 20 Times I’ve wondered what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars: 100

I ordered some wings and a pepperoni pizza: also known as everyone's classic I'm Fucked Up Let's Get Pizza order. The buffalo wing basket is only $5.95 and is served with french fries. Even better? When the wings came out, there was so much wing sauce on the wings that your fries get wing-sauced too. Uh-mazing. They were approximately Pluckers medium hot, and the saucy fries pretty much made my whole day.

So how was the pizza? It was fuckin' tasty. And it's cheap: $6.50 for a small pizza and only $9.95 for a large. This pepperoni pizza was better than any chain pizza place around, and I'd say definitely better than Campisi's. The crust was thin but the pizza was huge. Plus, they slice it in small strips so you get to eat 30 slices in one sitting but you can still be like, "I only ate one large pizza. It's not really that much food." Which is all any good, red-blooded, diabetes-ridden American really wants, right? Shit, I just had a heart murmur.

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AWESOME review and definitely sums up Atomic Pie as I see it!!!!!!


Well all i can say is that this is not pizza it's more like a cardboard with sauce. The crust on bottom is so hard and burnt i nearly broke my tooth. And the aftertaste it leaves in your mouth taste like burnt cardboard it's awful. Way to overpriced for a medium and large i paid 30.00 to eat cardboard with sauce. They say italians are cooking. Ha they are hispanics. And they are nothing compared or people have said they are better than Picasso's Nope! Atomic Pizza you are horrible. Horrible taste. So if you people out there crave cardboard with sauce go right ahead and eat. But if you want real pizza go to Roma's on greenville in Dallas they are delicious. Oh yes and the dessert is Red Velvet they give you a big container for a small less than half of a slice of pizza. Too much for too little of food and horrible taste. I don't recommend this pizza to anybody. If the pizza is bad and the dessert is bad i can't imagine anything else in there being good.

Sterling Delorme
Sterling Delorme

There are a lot of people across the net blogging and complaining about chipping their teeth over food ordered at food chains. But our teeth do become brittle over time. I'm not saying that the stores are totally blameless. Bad service should be pointed out, but we also have to be more careful with our teeth.