When I pop in a week later for a lunch at noon, the place is already buzzing. Once again, the preponderance of guests are Indian and fill the restaurant with a buzz of conversation. It's noisy but nice in an urban eatery kind of way. For lunch I order the lamb masala, which comes with salad, naan and rice. The salad is mostly iceberg lettuce with half of a tomato and a few leaves of other varieties of lettuce and a thick dressing that except for a touch of bitterness is almost flavorless.

The naan, as at dinner, is hard to stop eating. Crisp on the bottom, soft on the top, served warm with a little olive oil, it is perfect for dipping, especially with the masala. It's rife with tender hunks of lamb in a thick, tomatoey sauce accented with notes of what I believe are coriander and cumin. I order it mild, and it has the perfect level of spice—the kind that reaches every corner of your mouth without making you reach for the nearest fire extinguisher.

Sadhu has definitely removed the mystery from Indian food. With his well-defined menu and modernized dishes, there's no reason to fear biting into something you'll wish you hadn't.

Cashew-crusted soft-shell crab is one of the dishes that'll draw diners to Sutra's warm dining room.
Sara Kerens
Cashew-crusted soft-shell crab is one of the dishes that'll draw diners to Sutra's warm dining room.

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7181 Bishop Road
Plano, TX 75024

Category: Restaurant > Fusion

Region: Plano


Sutra Cashew-crust soft-shell crab $10 Goan shrimp sofrito $8 Mussels cataplana $9 Bombay samosa chaat garbanzo $7 Saffron cardamom grilled chicken kebab $15 Butter chicken $15 Lamb biryani $15 Piri piri spiced steak $22 Cardamom panna cotta $8 Kulfi $6

Note: Sutra, without the Kama, basically means a rule or group of rules, so don't expect anything sexier than the cocktail and clientele. No guarantees on the latter, of course.

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Just tried Sutra with my wife based on the fairly positive review in the Observer. I must that that we will never be going back. The food was terrible, the service was worse (we observed Indian customers getting prompt and friendly service while anglo customers, us included, were given rude and bare bones service), and the prices too high for what you get.

Food: I got the mahi mahi in a green curry sauce. The sauce was alright, but I could barely taste the 2 medium-sized pieces of fish (which were slightly overcooked). The wife got the baby eggplant. The actual dish was only 3 very tiny baby eggplants swimming in a giant bowl of green sauce. The eggplants were rock hard with little flavor and the green sauce was terrible. She had 3 bites and had to stop. The entrees also came with a small salad which was also terrible due to the awful salad dressing.

Service: We went in for lunch at 12:30 on a Saturday. The only server we assume was the owner since he was dressed as he was either coming from or headed to a gym to work out (a ratty shirt, gym shorts, and tennis shoes). He was rude, did not discuss the menu or ask if we had any questions, and generally very surly. There was only 2 other tables with customers. After we received our entrees (without any sides of rice or naan) he walked away and ignored us. We started eating and I observed him getting a rag to go bus the table of the people who had just left. I actually had to stop him and request a side of rice. He did return with the rice and the naan that were supposed to come with the meal.

While our service was terrible, the worst part was watching 2 tables of Indian people come in while we were sitting there. They both received warm and friendly service, were chatted up about the menu, and their food was served promptly (and also served with the rice and naan).


Sounds exotic.Must try this new place.We tasted his dishes at Samar.too good .Taste still lingers in my mouth. I wish i had taken my guests last week to Sutra.Next week end at Sutra for sure....yummmmmmmmm