Motley Crue, Poison, New York Dolls

Tuesday, June 7,at Superpages Center

Motley Crue aren't at the top of the hair-metal heap because they play dirty, sleazy rock 'n' roll. They're there because they live dirty, sleazy rock 'n' roll.

Although their days of snorting elephant tranquilizers are (hopefully) behind them, the Crüe continue to produce material that focuses on themes of excess, bombast and, of course, girls, girls, girls. Bassist Nikki Sixx has just released his third book, which details, among other things, his passion for collecting and photographing human skulls. Drummer Tommy Lee, meanwhile, is a prolific Twitter user; his account is just like one would expect Tommy Lee's Twitter to be, featuring gratuitous use of the word "dude" interspersed among the frequent Twitpics of Tommy sitting on the toilet.

Despite repeated breakups, the Crüe remain one of rock's great cockroaches, coming back again and again with their cacophonous stage show in tow. And then there's the music: Lest we forget, they released one of the best albums of the '80s with Too Fast for Love. Although they're getting a bit old and crusty, there's still nothing else quite like watching "Live Wire" performed live. If nothing else, the energy of the crowd is more than enough to make up for the band's creakiness.

Location Info

Map Center

1818 1st Ave.
Dallas, TX 75210

Category: Music Venues

Region: Fair Park

Fellow Aqua Net devotees Poison and '70s glam-rock stalwarts New York Dolls open.

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Nikki Sixx has just released his second book, NOT third. Please do some research!Vince is still singing and I have seen them several times and I must say this was a very impressive show. Tommy is as talented on the drums as ever and his new inventive ways to entertain the crowd NEVER cease to amaze me! I saw his drum kit in a steel cage, out over the crowd, turning and rocking it out as always! They still have it and always please the crowd. 30 years later and I still love them as much as I did when I was 12 and saw them for the first time on MTV. Mick is kicking ass and taking names, bless his heart, very talented!As Nikki said, " we are just as crazy and just won't die," as he was speaking of the band, and as a fan, I was super glad to hear that!!!

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