Final Destinations: 2

Mavericks revenge is a dish best served with Heat.

Consider it foreplay. The only fitting climax has to come against the Heat.

For the Cowboys, sweet revenge came in beating the Pittsburgh Steelers—a team that twice delivered tough losses in the ultimate game—in Super Bowl XXX. For the Rangers, last year's virginal voyage to the World Series was intensified by the vanquishing of the New York Yankees—who'd kicked their butts three times in previous playoff series—in the ALCS. And now the Mavs, facing the team that gave them a five-year case of blue balls.

Nowitzki, Terry, Nelson and Cuban haven't forgotten. Nor the fans, who in the midst of the Western Conference championship trophy presentation at AAC punctuated Cuban's "We ain't done yet!" with an impromptu chant:

Jason Terry celebrates scoring against the in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. Expect a bigger celebration against the Heat.
ZUMA Press
Jason Terry celebrates scoring against the in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. Expect a bigger celebration against the Heat.

"Beat the Heat!"

At the time, Miami hadn't clinched its Eastern Conference Finals series against the Chicago Bulls.

"This is how it should be," says Terry, who in the preseason got a tattoo of the Larry O'Brien NBA championship trophy on his right biceps. "They're a great team with their three stars. But if we have to beat a team to finally get our championship, might as well be them."

Exacting revenge isn't for the weak. It takes a strong will and stubborn psyche to confront the demon who stabbed you in the heart with his pitchfork.

"Honestly, this isn't fun right now," Nelson says. "Fans went through pain in 2006, but they have no idea how much that hurt our players and our organization. We've lived with the past for a long time now. Fun? No, we're just down in the foxhole trying to find a way to win four more games. We're too busy, too desperate to have fun."

Fate has set the menu. On the plate of America's Team: Revenge.

Bon appetit.

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Justin Oxford
Justin Oxford

Richie, you are a pompous moron with the wit of a withered wombat! First of all, Miami is in Dade County, please take note that Ft. Lauderdale is Broward County, and that is where the Florida Panthers (NHL - that is National Hockey League, Einstein) play! Secondly, your "prediction" that Dallas will win the championship seems somewhat optimistic seeing that Dallas lost Game three, and has been playing catch up in all three games, only to dig deep in Game 2 and win against Miami when they were falling apart on the floor. Thirdly, the fact that you reference ANYTHING that falls out of Charles Barkley's mouth is further proof that you have cursed the Dallas Mavs! Please write a commentary on how 100 years from now the Dallas Mavs will somehow cross play sports and wind up playing the winless Chicago Cubs and the curse of their goat for all the marbles!