Mavs Fans Deserve a Title, and Have the Scars to Prove It

The Mavericks have too many noble causes to not produce one last comeback

It's Cuban.

Out of superstition and stubbornness, he's somehow changed his DNA on the fly and is biting his lip during an NBA Finals that cries for his quotes. As much as he'd like to rip some refs and command the national spotlight with daily press conferences, Cuban is making a strong statement with his silence.

It's Nowitzki.

Seventeen years after they drafted him, the Mavs need Jason Kidd to help hoist them to a title.
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Seventeen years after they drafted him, the Mavs need Jason Kidd to help hoist them to a title.

He's accomplished everything in the NBA short of a ring. A win would put him in an elite class of players who won MVPs and championships. A loss in The Finals would reluctantly shove him to the head of the class of superstars without a ring. Despite the Game 3 miss, he's been superb in The Finals. After scoring Dallas' final nine points in the Game 2 rally, he scored the team's final 12 on Sunday night but received zero help from his supporting cast.

"I really don't care about my legacy at this point," Nowitzki has said repeatedly throughout the playoffs. "Anything other than a championship now is a disappointment and a failure to me. That's just the way it is."

It's Jason Kidd.

Drafted by the Mavericks in '94, he's come full circle, back to Dallas and once again on the cusp of his first title. He's already a first-ballot Hall of Famer and the oldest guard (38) to ever play in The Finals, but he's been here twice before and failed. He's a step slower now, but his basketball IQ is maxed out. He's another Maverick who—at this point—has poured heart and soul into basketball without any significant jewelry to show for it.

"I came back to Dallas to win a championship," Kidd said. "It's a harsh reality, but we need to win one for all of these years and these moves to make sense. There needs to be a payoff at the end of this thing. A lot of people in Dallas are long overdue for a championship."

In other words: It's you.

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Slob Jones
Slob Jones

Richie, you've gone senile. The Mavericks signed Brad Davis in December 1980. He was neither on the cover of your preseason program nor was he "a member of the original expansion lineup."

Holy fuck, does the Observer ever fact-check this shit?


Way to go Dallas. Outstanding series¡!!!!!!


Been there through Uwe Blab, Chris Anstey, and Eric Montross. Been through through Wang Xi Xi, Fat Lever and Popeye Jones. Let it please happen, I will tear my shirt off and dance in the rain like Andy Duphragne in Shawshank Redemption.

Mark2 Jones
Mark2 Jones

Richie, there's no way the pre-season program cover had Brad Davis on the cover. He was playing in the CBA in Alaska at the time and did not join the Mavs until around mid-season. Probably just a generic white guy on the cover, or perhaps a rendering of the great Jim Spanarkel, the Mav's points scoring leader that first season.

I was at that first pre-season game as well. Still have the ticket stub on display in my office.


I was disappointed when the Mav's beat OKC Thunder but happily stayed with the Mav's on this terrific Championship finals. Whoever writes the "Please dear Baby Jesus" posts, please add a win to the rest of your prayer.

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