Company Cafe: Healthy Food Can Be Good. Who Knew?

Try some local, organic, gluten-free food without a 'tude.

Desserts, a source of immense pride for the staff, are misfires. Though the frosting was excellent, the slice of gluten-free red velvet cake was a dry, spongy wedge. (Gluten adds texture and structure to baked goods.)

The restaurant's dedication to a concept frames its success and drives it to excellence, pushing diners like me to return for the likes of the chi-chi Steak Sophisticate, a sirloin accompanied with a wine shallot sauce, a side of vegetables and cauliflower mash.

Company Cafe's clean chic space, 
the perfect spot for enjoying
the Belmont Burger.
Sara Kerens
Company Cafe's clean chic space, the perfect spot for enjoying the Belmont Burger.

Location Info


Company Cafe

2104 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: East Dallas & Lakewood


Company Cafť Belmont Burger $ 10 Company Migas $9 Deep Bowl $ 13 Challah French toast $5 Chef Fredís Gluten-Free Chicken and Waffles $14 Gluten-free chicken-fried steak $13 Red velvet cake $5 Chicken pesto risotto $ 15 Seasonal salad $6 Southwestern tuna tartare $13 Coffee $2 Sweet potato fries $3

Company Café is more than a clubhouse for adherents of the crunchy lifestyle bathed in Tom's of Maine products. It's a community center welcoming the hungry, regardless of dietary philosophy.

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I am stuck on the effervescent fish. It was bubbling, hissing and foaming?