Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj

Tuesday, July 12, at American Airlines Center

She can't sing, her dancing is questionable, her hooks are purchased and she has a documented crazy streak. And yet Britney Spears has still managed to make the comeback of the decade. She's currently on her "Femme Fatale" arena tour, where she's joined by the more-talented Nicki Minaj and where the visual spectacle trumps the sound quality. But fans don't mind shelling out major moolah to watch the former trainwreck lip sync.

Why? Because Britters is someone you want to root for. Sure, she may have pop tarts such as Ke$ha writing her music, and Auto-Tune might be her vocals' saving grace, but there's just something about Spears that pulls on your heartstrings. After all the paparazzi who have harassed her, the failed marriages and the head-shaving incident, it's nice to see Spears have the drive to record and tour, no matter how weathered she may be.

Who cares if Moby said he doesn't consider her work music? Who cares if her recent performances have mostly consisted of bumping and grinding in barely there outfits she probably wouldn't want her young sons seeing? And who cares if she's charging nearly $400 for the best seats in the house to watch her not sing live?

She's Britney Spears, dammit. And America still loves her.

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"Journalists" write crap such as this because they still think it is cool to not like Britney Spears. What they don't realize is that their articles turn out to be generic pieces of crap that only make them sound as if they are part of that lame crowd in high school who tried desperately to look cool by trying WAY too hard to not look cool. Grow up.


Why are you so angry Nicki? Perhaps America loves Britney Spears because she is a great entertainer, and an icon in pop music? Perhaps it is the countless number of albums sold, venues sold out, and records broken? Britney has been in the business for over a decade and continues to produce hits. She does write music, and she most certainly does dance. How about you see her in person before you pass judgement. Britney is a living legend-a good person who continues to please her fans, despite a small but vocal group of hateful individuals with no other time on their hands than to criticize and mock her, such as you.

Joe Reuben
Joe Reuben

I'm sick of the people who write these sort of articles!!!! She can sing live and she can dance!!! Get a life!!! Ke$ha can't sing live and she doesn't dance!!! Have a go at her instead dickheads!!

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