Katy Perry and Robyn's War of Words

Immediately after it was announced in January that Swedish alt-pop sensation Robyn would be joining California-adoring pop mogul Katy Perry on the North American leg of her California Dreams 2011 tour, buzz of conflict between the stars developed.

As if it weren't already awkward enough, this pairing of international pop star and adored yet mostly underground talent, a Robyn comment on the pairing made matters worse. More accurately, it was her lack of a comment that was weird: When a reporter with Time Out New York asked Robyn about the summer tour back in February, Robyn ended the interview without warning, claiming that she was running late for another engagement.

Her silence left rumors swirling all over the blogosphere.

Pop goes the beef.
Lauren Dukoff
Pop goes the beef.

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Katy Perry and Robyn perform Thursday, July 28, at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie.

The two acts' continued silence on the matter isn't helping things either; despite multiple requests to their respective publicists, neither Robyn nor Perry agreed to an interview with us on the subject of their North Texas tour stop this week.

So, instead, we had to settle for the next best thing: an interview with their song lyrics. And, actually, it worked out pretty well, we think.

What have you girls been doing for fun while on tour?

Perry: We drove to Cali, and got drunk on the beach, got a motel and built a fort out of sheets.

Robyn, you didn't respond to Time Out New York when they asked you if you're a fan of Katy's. Why was this? It's like the silence spoke for itself, kinda. Is that what you were going for?

Robyn: You're right, some words are just unspoken.

Katy, any thoughts on this?

Perry [to Robyn]: How do I get closer to you when you keep it all on mute?

Robyn [to Perry]: It's a hard thing faking a smile.

Perry: You push me and I'll push you back. We'll start a fight.

Robyn: You wanna rumble in my jungle? I'll take you on.

Why the beef, ladies? Are you really all that different? For instance: How would you each describe your personal style?

Robyn: My style is the bom-diddi-bom-di-dang-di-dang-diggi-diggi.

Perry: So magical, soft skin, red lips, so kissable. Hard to resist, so touchable.

Robyn: Good girls are sexy like everyday. I'm only sexy when I say it's OK.

Perry: Don't be a baby.

Robyn: You're always up to no good.

Perry: Yeah, you PMS like a bitch. I would know.

Robyn: You can't handle me.

Perry: You're so indie rock it's almost an art. You need SPF 45 just to stay alive.

Robyn: You're a selfish narcissistic psycho-freak.

Perry: You're so sad, maybe you should buy a Happy Meal.

Robyn: I should write a song about you, and all the shit that you do. You don't even know what's up ... since we're on the subject, tell me why your name's in the dictionary when I look up idiot.

Ladies! You're both pop sensations! Shouldn't you be celebrating your similarities instead of bringing each other down? Aren't there things you like about each other?

Perry [to Robyn]: You don't have to feel like a waste of space. You're original.

Robyn [to Perry]: I'll knit you mittens and make you pie.

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Went to the show last night, are you kidding me... Robyn who??? Hey the 80's called they want their instruments and dance moves back. Katy puts on a great show and really seems to care about her fans. How many records has Robyn sold???


Saw an interview on NewNowNext Music today in which Robyn spoke nicely about some of Katy Perry's melodies. So, perhaps not such a feud.


haha! very clever.

Kristy Yang
Kristy Yang

Team Robyn. Her live shows are frakking awesome. Katy Perry live, on the other hand, is like watching a blow up doll try to perform jerky dance moves while listening to off-key whales mate.

Julia Lawton
Julia Lawton

my favourite part: "Perry: You're so sad, maybe you should buy a Happy Meal."

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