Hook, Line and Stinker: The Cowboys' Catch and Release of Nnamdi Asomugha

After an epic swing and miss at the NFL's No. 1 free agent, the Cowboys are off and crawling at training camp.

I read the news to Jones live on the air. I felt like a messenger about to be murdered.

"It's too hot of a topic ... ," Jones said, his energy and focus clearly diminished as he, too, read the tweets on my computer screen. "It's fluid."

We continued to make what in hindsight feels like small talk, about the 2008 trade for Williams ("I'd like to have that one back") and last year's pratfall ("I've never been involved with anything in my life more surprising or disappointing"). But Jones constantly eyed his old-school flip phone. Resignation set in.

“Why would you guys listen to Clayton? He looks like a creepy uncle.”
ZUMA Press
“Why would you guys listen to Clayton? He looks like a creepy uncle.”

"The fact that we're sitting here bidding on the No. 1 guy in free agency shows we're going for it," he said. "We had an opportunity that all of the sudden fit, and we were ready for that. We acted on it, believe me, firmly acted on it. Until my eyes watered."

Two days later Jones was keeping a stiff upper lip, promising to be active in free agency but finally admitting his disappointment. The Cowboys went after a high-profile free agent and lost, which happens about as often as 70-degree July days in North Texas. "I can't think of one," Jones said, asked about previous swings and misses in free agency.

Ryan downplayed the loss of Asomugha, and linebacker DeMarcus Ware labeled cornerbacks Jenkins and Terence Newman "just as good." But there's no denying all the frenetic foreplay left the Cowboys' jocks as blue as the stars on their helmets. In the end, the biggest story of training camp will be a fish tale. About the one thiiiis big that the Cowboys came thiiiis close to landing.

"We have a lot of bait in the water," Jones said a day after Asomugha jumped off his hook. What was almost a celebratory hand salutation instead quickly deteriorated into another middle finger from Philly. It was December when the Phillies stole Cliff Lee from the Rangers. And now Asomugha will haunt the Cowboys twice a year as an Eagle.

What's next? Tyson Chandler, 76er?

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Jerrah dont have the $$$$ on hand to cut the checks needed to sign the big FA. This team is going to suck, 6-10 again

Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones

The Roy Williams trade, signing Barber, then turning around and using your 1st rd pick on an oft injured RB.. And now, completely played in this whirlwind FA period (although re-signing Free was a good move).. Jerry Jones is the worst GM in the league, period.. It should be obvious to everyone (but jerry, of course)..


Oh, well, sounds like Jerry gave it the old college try. I'm still at a loss as to why we didn't sign Bob Sanders from the Colts...tremendous upside if he stays healthy, and no downside if he doesn't (if signed to a minimal contract, as he did with the Chargers). A healthy Sanders (another #21 Sanders with a Star on his helmet can't help but be a good omen!) and Asomugha lining up in our defensive backfield would have improved us by millenia of light years...

Instead, we're left, again, with fish stories about the one that got away...