But Prendergast himself didn't want to go through what he had been through before with previous bands, when members had promoted the shit out of their band in its infancy stage.

"We just wanted to be a good band and not worry about getting the hype machine going," he says.

Thing is, the band's buzz caught quickly around town regardless.

Bow before Maleveller.
Dylan Hollingsworth
Bow before Maleveller.

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3510 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226

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Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum

Randall Zimmerman heard about the band through friends. Under his Battle Flag Records moniker, he helped birth the band's debut full-length — and get the band known throughout the country in the process. During his travels with his job at the ticket company Prekindle, he'd pass copies of the band's EP out. He even helped the band get a show in Austin. He continues to help to this day, manning the merch table and handling promotional duties.

"The thing that's great about this band is that they've gone and built a fan base in such an organic way," Zimmerman says. "It's almost like in the mid-'80s when you'd hear about a band through a fanzine."

With this kind of support system behind them, Maleveller is at a stage where they're open to, within reason, playing shows beyond Dallas. And while they swear they're not rushing things, they're not exactly wasting time either.

"We're all willing to sacrifice quite a bit to see it happen," Harnden says. "Naturally, we have to make concessions. But we're all in it to do it to its full potential."

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again? dig a little deeper, jeeez!!

Brian Smith
Brian Smith

Thanks for the article, Eric. Just wanted to point out one correction that we thought was important:

The moniker of Battle Flag Records belongs to Mr. Josh Robinson who owns Battle Flag and painstakingly recorded and mixed both of our recordings.

Randall is a beloved member of our family, but is not affiliated with Battle Flag (at least up until this point) - Both guys are the shit. Make no mistake about that.

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