Blondie, Nico Vega

Saturday, October 1, at the Granada Theater

At this point, nobody really expects Blondie to upset any new paradigms. In the group's late '70s and early '80s heyday, the Debbie Harry-led outfit set a high standard for an omnivorous New Wave chic, lent the NYC underground an irresistible backbeat and helped, um, legitimize rap-rock hybrids back when future members of Korn and Limp Bizkit were still in short pants. (Also, Harry was so alluring in Videodrome. Did you see that? Watch it late at night.)

This sort of revolutionary achievement — or the fact that most people know "Heart of Glass," whichever — earns Blondie a pass when it comes to things like "returns to form" and "envelope pushing" and "cutting a new track with Feist." Fuck all that.

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Granada Theater

3524 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: East Dallas & Lakewood

Like pretty much everybody, Blondie need liquid cash, like, now, and since touring keeps the coffers full, that's what they're doing. Go ahead, laugh now. When you're shelling out dough to catch Kings of Leon or Coldplay live in 2030 when neither group's had a hit in 15 years, get back to me.

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Mark D R Stern
Mark D R Stern

I read this article about the upcoming Blondie concert of 10/1/2011 expecting to read something new about the band and current tour. But, I noticed that the article was printed before the concert had taken place.Was there any mention of Blondie in 2011? I found references to Blondie from the late 70's and early 80's: Heart of Glass and Rapture.Did the author research the band or lead singer Deborah Harry? I do not think so. Blondie has just released their ninth studio album, and Deborah Harry has released five solo albums. Blondie came to Dallas on tour to promote their new release "Panic of Girls". However, the author references material released 31 years ago.The author says: "At this point, nobody really expects Blondie to upset any new paradigms". If he has only listened to the 1981 "Best of Blondie" album and not the three albums after that and the new 2011 album, how can he make this statement with any authority?Blondie is not a retro 80's novelty band. They are a current, active band still evolving, adapting, inovating and taking rock/pop in directions that no one else is doing.If you are going to write an article on an upcoming concert, it should be considered requisite that the author has heard the current album rather than make reference to their music three decades ago.I am deeply disappointed. Before an author can say "At this point, nobody really expects Blondie to upset any new paradigms" the author should have listened to the current album and written the article after the concert and not before. Had Ray Cummings had researched his article and attended the concert, he may have had something to say. And Mr. Cummings, had you done your research you would have found that Blondie has had five singles that have been hits on the charts in the UK and elsewhere although their recent releases have only made the top 100 in the US in the last 12 years. But, he did not have anything to say that could be considered news: this article should not have been pulished. The Dallas Observer should have placed the upcoming concert in the calendar section and then publish the article written by the journalist that attended the concert with whom I spoke before the show.

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