Your 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase Performers

A closer look at all 52 acts playing this weekend's Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase in Deep Ellum

New Fumes

9 p.m.

A former touring member of both The Polyphonic Spree and The Flaming Lips, Daniel Huffman is making a name for himself these days with his experimental brand of psychedelic electronic music. And, clearly, he's learned a thing or two about live show spectacles on the road, performing most of his sets while wearing a mask and backed by visual aids.

Fox & The Bird perform at 11 p.m. Saturday at La Grange as part of our 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase.
Sara Kerens
Fox & The Bird perform at 11 p.m. Saturday at La Grange as part of our 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase.
Air Review perform at 11 p.m. at the Prophet Bar (Big Room).
Air Review perform at 11 p.m. at the Prophet Bar (Big Room).


10 p.m.

After establishing himself as a Frisco-dwelling mashup artist who had quite an Internet following, Ross Edman has changed two-fold, moving to Deep Ellum and picking up a new, futuristic jazz sound. His live set-up now includes a drummer and a guitarist in addition to a slew of electronics.


11 p.m.

These formidable area electro-sleaze favorites seemed to have been dealt quite the blow earlier this year when two members bolted over creative differences. If anything, though, the split seems to have re-energized the band's remaining members, who have recently started work on a new batch of songs. The important thing: The live show is still basically one huge dance party.

Burning Hotels

12 a.m.

Once a post-punk outfit with undeniable hooks, the Burning Hotels' latest, self-titled affair finds the band mining a new, more new wave-inspired direction. The hooks are still undeniable, though; insanely catchy, too. Long a fun band, expect the rest of 2011 and 2012 to belong to this suddenly dance-inducing four-piece.


1 a.m.

With the release of their free-to-download When Pigs Fly album back in March, Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy established themselves as a local hip-hop duo worth watching. Since, though, the fellas have hardly rested on their laurels. A string of new, similarly free-to-download singles have only garnered the group more attention in the national hip-hop blog circuit. Rightfully so: Theirs is an inventive, but still distinctly Dallas-bred, take on the genre.


Wanz Dover

8 p.m.

Wanz Dover has been playing various forms of outsider music in the region for years at this point, having taken interesting stabs at space rock, post-punk and dubstep. But the area in which he's most consistently brilliant is in his DJ sets, wherein he spins (yes, actually spins) classic and hard-to-find soul and punk records.

The Mohicans

9 p.m.

The Mohicans are still brand-new, without even a mixtape to their name. No matter: The hip-hop duo has still managed to impress with its handful of posted-to-the-Internet singles, the best of which, "Fa Shiggadow," finds the band capably presenting itself as the first proper post-Boogie rap outfit in town. Bold stuff, but these dudes do it well.


10 p.m.

With the release of their Indie Sampler download earlier this year, Angelo Gonzales and his backing band took the next step in their continued progression from straightforward hip-hop band to, well, something greater than that distinction. galleryCat still endears with fun tracks like "Say Say Say," but now they sample indie rockers like Cage the Elephant in their stage shows, too.


11 p.m.

Tim Locke may be the most underappreciated songwriter in town, which may be why there wasn't a bigger to-do made of his 2009 announcement that he was calling it quits or his 2010 announcement that he was coming back with new material in tow. Regardless, it's a good thing he did: He and songwriting partner Jordan Roberts crafted a deliberately paced indie-pop gem with this year's Heavy Sugar release.

The Orbans

12 a.m.

Frontman Peter Black is currently working on a more ambient solo release, but don't discount his full band's output: This Fort Worth-based outfit, heartily endorsed by Ben Harper, is one of the best bands the region boasts, thanks to its pop- and country-tinged rock tunes and unshakable hooks.

Madison King

1 a.m.

Madison King ain't no girly girl: The lead-off, title track on Darlin, Here's To You, the alt-country singer's debut full-length from earlier this year, paints her as a beer- and whiskey-swilling woman whose greatest fear is last call. The disc's not as completely brash and in-your-face as that song would have you believe, but the live show tends to be.

The Bone (downstairs)

New Science Projects

9 p.m.

Dale Jones wears bloody face paint when he performs, and, if that weren't startling enough on its own, it sure feels like it when he jumps off the stage and runs right up into his audience's mugs and screams his lyrics in their faces. Technically, his music falls in the folk and blues realm; because of the way in which it's presented, it feels far more like performance art.

Oil Boom

10 p.m.

If The Black Keys had a sense of humor and a few extra members, they'd probably sound a lot like Oil Boom, a recent bluesy area upstart that isn't afraid to get a little tongue-in-cheek with its lyrics. See: "There May or May Not Be Blood," a swaggering cut that finds the band only half-threatening its audiences.

Ducado Vega

11 p.m.

Dallas has boasted its fair share of funk-inspired, Lenny Kravitz-aping outfits over the years, but Ducado Vega feels like the real deal as he sing-speaks his verses over beefy riffs that lead up to shout-along choruses.

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Jennifer E Miller
Jennifer E Miller

You guys really need to spread the word and get bands on the TV show coming Oct 26th produced for NBC with Vince Neil, Mark Slaughter and Kid Rock email for more info if you need.

duh laughter
duh laughter

stupid is timeless, pete. and you should know that, squirt..

duh laughter
duh laughter

yeah.. don't know the fox and the bird (how fuckin' original) but that above photo is among the very gayest i think i've EVER seen...


Toadies "still on top of their game"?Really?

I haven't heard anything new from them in over 10 years.

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