Your 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase Performers

A closer look at all 52 acts playing this weekend's Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase in Deep Ellum

Rhymin' & Stealin'

12 a.m.

Three MCs, one DJ and a twist: Sure, everybody knows pretty much every word to every Beastie Boys song, but the dudes in Rhymin' & Stealin' had the idea to turn that talent into a tribute band before you did, so there. Insanely popular because, duh, everyone loves the Beastie Boys, these guys aren't nearly the joke group you'd expect; they put a lot into their performances, and it shows.

Fox & The Bird perform at 11 p.m. Saturday at La Grange as part of our 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase.
Sara Kerens
Fox & The Bird perform at 11 p.m. Saturday at La Grange as part of our 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase.
Air Review perform at 11 p.m. at the Prophet Bar (Big Room).
Air Review perform at 11 p.m. at the Prophet Bar (Big Room).

Hunter Hendrickson

1 a.m.

Hunter Hendrickson isn't yet old enough to drink, but he can sling an ax like nobody's business. Taking cues from the blues and classic rock stars before him, Hendrickson's music still seems to be searching for a little definition. But there's no denying his abundant talent.

The Bone (upstairs)

Final Club

9 p.m.

Not nearly as Ivy League as their name might suggest, this Denton house show scene-sprung band pairs massive, ambient guitar riffs with angst-filled vocals to create a blend that walks the line between the deceptively pretty and the subversively gritty.

Mind Spiders

10 p.m.

From the ashes of Denton's adored The Marked Men come Mind Spiders, the latest project from area garage and power-pop mastermind Mark Ryan. Featuring a slew of Denton punk rockers behind Ryan — including members of Bad Sports, Video, High Tension Wires and The Uptown Bums — Mind Spiders are as close to a Denton punk-rock supergroup as you're likely to find. They sound like one, too.


11 p.m.

Out of nowhere, it seems, this Dallas-based four-piece became the local music scene's favorite band over the course of this summer. It's not hard to see why: If Vampire Weekend went to community college and preferred surfing and skateboarding over knit scarves and Lacoste shirts, this is probably what they'd sound like.

Spooky Folk

12 a.m.

You could make a strong case for Spooky Folk's Kaleo Kaualoku being among the best songwriters in the region — especially after hearing "Bible Belt," his phenomenal take on the tribulations of a Dixie upbringing. And that's before even mentioning the four other members of the band, each of whom contributes greatly to this versatile band's invigorating live shows.


1 a.m.

Thanks to often off-the-rails and unpredictable live performances where they'll quite literally say anything just to get a rise out of the audience, Soviet may very well be the most abrasive band in town — not a bad distinction considering that this Weezer- and Japanther-adoring outfit was mostly unheard of before the release of their phenomenal Forever Today EP at the beginning of the calendar year.

Elm Street Bar

Tweed EQ

9 p.m.

White-boy blues is a thing that still sometimes happens, and for the most part unfortunately. But Tweed EQ do it right: Frontman Robbie Saunders is a total trip, both on- and off-stage. The dude straight-up lives the part, forever present in body but, from time to time, not necessarily in mind. Maybe that explains the psychedelic bent on the band's genre take.


10 p.m.

Bleeping electronic soundscapes and lilting, undulating vocals courtesy of Ally Jayne Hoffman combine in Peopleodian's output, and it's an interesting blend to be sure. There's a lot happening at once, but, somehow, the song's arrangements feel restrained. In other words: Peopleodian sound like a fever dream, which in this case is a good thing.

Diamond Age

11 p.m.

Technology has flat-out transformed the modern concept of a one-man band, and Matt Leer's Diamond Age project serves as direct proof, especially in live settings, as Leer handles his aggressive electronic music by offering live guitar, vocal and synth parts, while triggering his percussive and other electronic elements on the fly thanks to his extensive set-up.


12 a.m.

Wanz Dover's Blixaboy outfit was playing its particular minimalist take on dubstep long before the genre was cool on this side of the pond, and you can tell. This ain't "brostep," not even close. This is music that's far better suited for lounges than for the furry-boots set.

Power Trip

1 a.m.

Hardcore is alive and well in Dallas thanks to Power Trip, the Fun Fun Fun Fest-approved area outfit led by proud area genre purveyor Riley Gale. The band cut its teeth on the defunct stage of the revered Red Blood Club in Deep Ellum, and it shows: Their live shows are aggressive, energetic and as engaging as all get out.

Reno's Chop Shop Saloon

The Red 100's

9 p.m.

Red 100's guitarist and frontman Robbie D. Love doesn't just look the Jimi Hendrix part on stage; he sounds it, too. Straddling the line between blues and psychedelia, this outfit is young but promising. They can straight-up play.


10 p.m.

Warbeast sound tighter and heavier and more sure of themselves than any three-year-old metal band has a right to sound, and with reason: They aren't newcomers to the scene at all. Featuring members of the legendary area thrash-metal outfit Rigor Mortis, Warbeast ain't messing around. Neither are acts like GWAR, Every Time I Die and Down, who've enlisted Warbeast's talents as an opening act on tour.

White Arms of Athena

11 p.m.

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Jennifer E Miller
Jennifer E Miller

You guys really need to spread the word and get bands on the TV show coming Oct 26th produced for NBC with Vince Neil, Mark Slaughter and Kid Rock email for more info if you need.

duh laughter
duh laughter

stupid is timeless, pete. and you should know that, squirt..

duh laughter
duh laughter

yeah.. don't know the fox and the bird (how fuckin' original) but that above photo is among the very gayest i think i've EVER seen...


Toadies "still on top of their game"?Really?

I haven't heard anything new from them in over 10 years.

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