Burning Hotels Heat Up

Since there were no shows scheduled, Morgan and Mooty met several days a week to write and record new music. Eventually, they were commissioned by a fashion photography company for whom Whistler's girlfriend worked to record a song that would accompany a photo shoot. It was never intended to be a Burning Hotels track, so the constraint of making music in the style of previous efforts wasn't there. What they came up with was "Allison," a synthesizer-heavy down-tempo song that would eventually become the first single on the band's latest release. It was completely different from their previous sound, but they knew that they had tapped into something they felt was really cool.

"It kind of just reaffirmed what we missed about playing music," Morgan says. "Just the writing and being together. I was like, 'I haven't had this much fun playing music in a long time.'"

Even though the sound was so different, changing styles wasn't much of a risk at all, turns out. Had the band stayed with their old post-punk sound, they likely would have quickly faded away, if only because of boredom — both from the fans' standpoint and their own.

Chance Morgan and Matt Mooty are enjoying their current ride.
Chance Morgan and Matt Mooty are enjoying their current ride.

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Instead, Mooty and Morgan followed their instinct and continued on their new thread. Now, with their self-titled release and new sound, the band is finding new doors opening to them — ones that, of late, lead to packed houses like the one at their Dada release show and similar situations.

"We're finally making the music we want to be making," Morgan says. "We've finally hit a niche to where we feel like it's the best thing we've ever put out. If you don't feel that way about what you're doing, you're probably doing the wrong thing."

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The Flickerstick show they mention was my first rock concert too. I went home and started begging Mom for a bass guitar immediately after.

suck it up
suck it up

dada's a big stage? what next, singlewide?

rip dvd to wmv
rip dvd to wmv

I believe so, at least I do think so. This article is a right one!

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