Linda Stogner

Filmmaker, stand-up comedienne, comedy advocate

Few can claim that the first seven months of their lives involved armed robbery and gangsters on the south side of Chicago, but Stogner does just that in her charming autobiographical short film, Adopted: A Love Story, in which she tells the story of how she came to live with the "two old people" who became her beloved parents. Today, Stogner is a comedienne, filmmaker and local legend who has taken her beginning in stride, finding humor in its absurdity and seeing it as a jumping-off point for a career in comedy that has spanned more than 25 years. Co-founder of the Backdoor Comedy Club, Stogner is known around town for giving newbies their starts, and many of her protégés have gone on to careers in television and film. The Backdoor Comedy Workshop features an intro course that affords time for young comedians to develop their acts, and the club features the longest-running open-mic night in the Southwest —Brentney Hamilton

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