Man or Astro-man?, Mind Spiders

Saturday, December 17, at Sons of Hermann Hall

Don't say Santa Claus doesn't deliver presents earlier than December 25: Nineties sci-fi surf punks Man or Astro-man? are coming back to town. With main members Brian "Birdstuff" Teasley, Brian "Star Crunch" Causey and Robert "Coco the Electronic Monkey Wizard" Del Bueno back together, this won't necessarily be a night of familiar tunes. Since the band has a library of albums, EPs, singles and compilation-only tracks, it's more about the mostly instrumental sound.

Location Info


Sons of Hermann Hall

3414 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75226

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum

Expect the guitars to be drowning in reverb and the drum hits to be quick and pulsing. Plus, you can't help taking note of their costumed alter-ego look. Dressed like they walked out of a Roger Corman flick, this sure goes beyond watching a few guys wearing clothes they probably slept in last night. Add in B-movie visuals and sound bites that might make you think you've landed in an alternate universe where Frankie Avalon surfs with aliens, and you're not going to find another show like this anywhere else in town. Make sure to catch openers Mind Spiders, featuring a who's-who of North Texas punk talent. The Mark Ryan-led group is readying a new Dirtnap Records LP, Meltdown, for February release.

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