10 Local Acts You Should Know

Here's a list of 10 locals you should have heard of in 2011 even if you didn't.

10. Juve Aaron Mollet of Florene has taken trap and screw influences and warped them with dark synth overtones to create Juve. It's always nice to see someone take modern rap music seriously and back it up with some real production knowledge.

9. Rick Simpson An energetic DJ, Simpson came up in the heyday of techno, house, E.B.M. and electro, and even has a release as R9 on Dallas imprint Down Low Music. Occasionally he is booked at darker and more esoteric events, but that doesn't mean he can't rock a set of all-vinyl disco, boogie and Italo.

8. FUR Bryce Isbell enjoyed publicity as FUR when it was a two-piece. After Gray Gideon departed, Isbell immersed himself further into deep and tech house, creating subtle, spacey sounds.

7. Jake Schrock Dallas' Schrock mans the synthesizer for George Quartz and Houston's //TENSE// live performances, and his solo work is extensive and impressive.

6. Cygnus After wowing crowds at Dallas' Laptop Deathmatch competitions, Phillip Washington's Wrowreck EP cleared his path toward much-deserved recognition. Somehow, his hard-hitting, bass-heavy live performances are still outside the scope of Dallasites.

5. Tarzzahn Tarzzahn's freestyling and genius-level recall for lyrics prove he's someone who will not be under the radar for long. His latest release, Jungle Muzik, showcases cleverness and potential mass appeal.

4. Pinkish Black The remaining two members of Great Tyrant decided to keep making music together after the death of bassist Tommy Atkins in 2010, and Pinkish Black is the result. The result is tough, droning and emotionally gripping rock music, with live performances wrapped in a psychedelic haze.

3. Yung God Denton's Colby McCartney Jones, aka Yung God, is a beacon of the Ocean Gang movement. Receiving attention for his work with Soulja Boy, Yung God's freestyles are some of the most impressive among the YouTube rap generation.

2. LDFD Dallas producer/DJ Justin Ledford's ability to blend trap music with garage, dub and even techno results in a unique production style.

1. Prince Will Prince Will achieved notice with "The Party" in the '00s, but since teaming up with Ezra Rubin to create the Fade to Mind label, the pair has turned it into one of the most respected electronic music labels stateside.

Prince Will is moving to L.A. some time in 2012, but he has nothing but love for Big D.

"I love that the only people here that fuck with techno or real dance music are the real techno heads that care," he says.

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These are all the bands I won't be listening to..


Yung God Sucks Though No Hating He Can Use That To Get Better & Theres Also Another rapper Yall Had Left out

Ira Wile
Ira Wile

"10 Local Acts (IN A SPECIFIC GENRE) You Should Know". Is yer editor gone for Xmas already?

Sloan Clark
Sloan Clark

Santa lands like a wrecking ball this Christmas. Fort Worth's "effortlessly catchy" (FW Weekly) Sloan Automqtic and Me-Thinks/Stoogephelia front man Ray Liberio collaborate. Peace on Earth!



haha tiiiiiiite...

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