Beating Up Babes in Toyland

Perry and Tea Party make a blue Christmas for needy kids.

Humbuggered: Buzz is having trouble this year with Toys for Tots. Just call us a Grinch.

You see this smarmy hoopla on the TV news every night with a bunch of shiny-eyed volunteers handing out plastic Big Box crap for poor children, and the volunteers look awfully pleased with themselves. But Buzz wonders: Is anybody involved with Toys for Tots a Rick Perry Tea Party Republican? If so, here's a holiday wish for you: Keep your damn toys.

You are responsible for this year's state budget, the one Governor Perry keeps bragging about because it doesn't involve a tax increase to stanch the bleeding in safety-net agencies. And as a result of this budget — your budget — Texas Child Protective Services will eliminate 800 positions this year and slash rates paid to service providers by 12 percent. Cuts in their phone-answering staff are expected to produce 85,000 instances in which people try to report abuse of a child but no one takes the call.

Sort of puts that plush toy in perspective, doesn't it?

Ten years ago, the U.S. General Accounting Office found that 200 children a year in Dallas County were being abandoned by their parents to CPS solely because the children were mentally ill. Giving them up was the only way their parents could get the mental health services.

That's a national phenomenon, but it has an especially nasty flavor in Texas, one of six states in which it's illegal to give up your kid solely to get mental health services. To get rid of the kid here, you have to show a pattern of abuse.

Do you think this situation has gotten sweeter?

Kids are not the only victims of Dickensian Tea Party cruelty. The Dallas Morning News did a story in October on a program called The Arc that provides adult guardians for mentally disabled adults. The story gave an example of a guy whose landlord was cashing his disability check for him, which more than paid the rent, but the landlord pocketed the rest. The Arc guardian stopped that.

Half of The Arc's budget came from the state. Thanks to Perry and the Tea Party, all of that funding was cut.

Here's the bottom line: The Perry Tea Partiers are the worst plague to afflict Texas' poor children since the Comanches, who at least had good reason to scalp children.

So here's hoping you Tea Perry guys aren't popping up on television doing the Toys for Tots thing, because if you are, somebody ought to give you a Christmas punch in the mouth.

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Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts

It appears from your article that you believe that everyone who supports Rick Perry must also agree with every single thing the man has ever done? I don't much care for Perry myself, but I tend to not paint people with such a broad brush. Of course, painting with broad strokes makes it much easier to justify your own irrational hatred of people with whom you disagree. I mean, why bring solutions when you can peddle hate, right?

I am waiting impatiently for your next article, which I'm sure will admonish supporters of the city arts budget for wasting money on niceties likes a new performing arts center and other "cultural facilities" instead of allocating that money to abused children. It's coming, right???


Attention Walmart shopper, reporting facts is only "spreading hate" in the alternate Perry Tea Party universe you apparently live in. Here in reality, we call it journalism. It's not a matter of agreeing with everything Perry does, it's that someone would vote for a man(?) ,again, who has proven himself a soulless psychopath over the course of 2 previous terms as governor. (Now THAT'S some good old hatin' for you!) This latest is only the very predictable continuation of the crushing of the poor to grease the wheels of the rich that we have seen over the time that Perry, and his mentor GWB have inflicted themselves on the citizens of Texas thanks to the ignorant and/or venial slime that vote for them time after time. It is not hatred that points out this kind of smiley face band-aid crap put out for the cameras by the TeaPerry Republicans from time to time in an attempt to polish the tin-foil halos they have placed on their own heads. It's called journalism. "Comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable." You'll see it much clearer when you pull your head out of your ass.

P.S. By the way, those who are spending money on the "cultural facilities" and those expensive bridges instead of on curing social ills? TeaPerry Republicans, too.