Stackhouse: Right at Home in East Dallas

Yes, there's another Dallas burger joint worth a visit. Apologize in advance to your arteries.

A burger with fried egg, bacon and peppers, and the house it lives in. Photos to scale.
Sara Kerens
A burger with fried egg, bacon and peppers, and the house it lives in. Photos to scale.

Location Info


Stackhouse Burgers

2917 Gaston Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204

Category: Restaurant > Burgers

Region: Fair Park


Single $5.95
Dagwood $10.95
French fries $2
Onion rings $2.95
Milkshake $3.95

"It's like a starter bar," a waitress told me one visit, when I asked if people hang out and drink in the evenings. To enable that start, Stackhouse sells an iced pail filled with five Pabst Blue Ribbon cans for $10. Perfect for a table of guys priming the pump before a night out, but I also saw an older couple chat quietly at a bar table and work their way through a bucket. I liked them for that. I liked Stackhouse, too.

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Did somebody give you a box of adjectives for Christmas? Holy crap.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

It was "OK". Reminds me of the 80's when "Chucks" in North Dallas was new. Looked like a typical Proto-chain place, ripe for franchising, that was designed by an ex-Fudruckers manager. Onion rings and sweet potato fries were great. Insanely bad ubiquitous Dallas Classic Rock was blaring. It can't touch Maple and Motor


good review, i'd say it about sums it up.

i live nearby and find the burgers to be flavorful and juicy, leaning toward the "gourmet" side of the burger-scale. the bun, tomato, pickle, patty are more gourmet-y than say, Angry Dog (which i like), while still getting that meaty, cheesy and juiciness.

their consistency has been a off a bit indeed, but it's never not good though. it's neither a "bar burger" like Angry Dog, 1st & 10, LL nor a "restaurant burger" like the Grape, Porch, Commissary, etc. but somewhere in between.


oh yea...PS Scott. it's mos def not pine-green. you might want to see if you're slightly color blind. if we're in the tree genre, i'd say it's more of a Blue Spruce.