From Mi Cocina to Mr. Mesero: Mico Rodriguez's Comeback

The founder of Mi Cocina is back, and his new place feels like home.

But perfect bites aren't why you'll come back to Mr. Mesero. You'll come back for those boozy 'ritas and the service. You'll come back for Luna, another waitress who wants so badly for you to enjoy your meal. She made no concession for the "Rose" burger, which you might think an odd offering at a Mexican restaurant. Rather, she flaunted it, asserting its greatness and somehow making it seem great.

Neither the nachos nor the dining room are the same without Rodriguez's fabulous staff in the picture.
Sara Kerens
Neither the nachos nor the dining room are the same without Rodriguez's fabulous staff in the picture.

Location Info


Mr. Mesero

4444 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75205

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Park Cities


Mr. Mesero
Tacos $8-$9
Enchiladas $8
Pollo Soup $6
Grilled Chiles $3
12-Ounce Strip $22.50
Dessert $6

And you'll come back for Rodriguez himself, who on any given night can be seen hunchbacked while serving guests himself, carefully spooning a runny, veggie-laden queso onto each guest's chip. Rodriguez is, if nothing else, a good host. He talks with his guests as they make for the door and quietly offers a better table when one is available. This is why, on some nights, the patrons at Mr. Mesero skew a little older and call the owner by name. Mico's been working this crowd for years, and he's made them into his family.

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Yvonne Crum
Yvonne Crum

congratulations to Mico.. I hope it is a full house every night..Not only has Mico always had great idea and food but he's supported his community for a long time.. Let's all go try it..

Good Luck Mico.


we ate there wednesday night. the food was excellent. i had the brisket tacos, outstanding!the portions are smaller than mi cocina. the chips are big rounds, on a dish, not a basket.the salsa was good, too. my wife had a combo plate. she said it was delicious.the mambo taxi (his version) was jet fuel! the prices were reasonable and the serviceabsolutely excellent.

he has a winner.


We were there last night and EVERYTHING was wonderful. We had a large party and had to wait quite a while but Mico checked on us often. We had the mole enchiladas, brisket tacos, fish tacos, nachos and the great salad with hearts of palm, avacado and cherry tomatoes ROCKED! The margarita was great too. So... Scott, I don't know whether Mico just had a bad day on Thursday or your taste buds and ours are just different, but we're going back soon! Mico has done it yet again!


The burger kicks ass. Not too large, and they do it as rare as you like. I very much prefer this place to Mi Cocina and Taco Diner. And I honestly have not been too impressed with your assessment of Mexican food, Scott.


I must have been hungry that night or something but that "bland" slaw was practically the best slaw my mouth had ever tasted about a month ago...and all my dishes were pretty darn good. If you could pry that slaw recipe or how to make it from Mico, I'd appreciate it.