Who's Guarding the County's Guardians?

Dallas County appointed a hate-group found to a homeland security committee. Feel safe yet?

So where does all of this leave us in terms of McCarthy's qualifications for an official role in our county's preparations for Armageddon? Those qualifications would seem to be:

One: May have threatened to break up school board meeting 20 years ago with shotguns but never did.

Two: Never chopped anybody's finger off with a butcher knife.

Jen Sorensen

Three: Formed an international anti-Semitic hate group and still brags about it on posters for anti-FBI rallies but says he does not understand why anybody thinks he's an anti-Semite.

Four: Is certified by FEMA.

Apparently the county commissioners will vote at their next meeting to abolish the Committee of Whatever to avoid having to talk about McCarthy again. But I wanted to make sure before we dropped it that we all had a good picture of last week's events. And, remember I said I would have a question for you at the end?

From here on out, how reassuring will you find this phrase: "Certified by FEMA"?

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Curious about the history of the Dallas County Homeland Advisory Committee. When was it created? Surely there is some info on what it was supposed to do, no? Are you suggesting the County created a "nothing-but-hot-air" committee to which they could appoint cronies who could pump up their chests and put it on a resume, but not DO anything? (Other than get in the way of the people who WOULD actually do something...you know, like the cops, firemen, etc.?)

Jeeze Louise
Jeeze Louise

How does he maintain his own office on county property? Can anybody to that? What's the rent?


You really think the leader of the South Dallas Mafia is not going to have his way? Price runs the county with an iron fist. If he wants it, it will be done, otherwise you might have a chance. Whiteys crap in their pants and run away if Price targets them. If McCarthy is a reliable stooge, Price will get him appointed or reassign him to another position.