Ron Paul: Friend of Liberty, but not Mexicans.

Dear Mexican: My family for six generations have been born and raised in Brownsville, Texas. Right now, almost every Republican in the state is trying to work redistricting to cut out the bumper crop of Mexican-American candidates. They passed voter ID laws recently, and you begin to get the idea after a few citizen deportations to Mexico that the Texan Republican Legislature doesn't really like us.

Ron Paul has gotten some trace traction with Puerto Ricans and Florida Hispanics recently. That doesn't fix the fact that all of his homies in Texas who have voted for him every year HATE LOCAL HISPANICS. Can you take a quick look at his immigration and border policies and tell me what kind of mess it would make (or not) for a Mexican-American to pick Ron Paul, much less ANYONE, in the GOP?

—Valley Vato

Dear Wab: As I've noted many times before, Mexicans are natural libertarians: want the government out of their lives, hate the drug war and love money. But when it comes to immigration, Paul is two tacos short of a combo plate. For a man who believes in open commerce, he wants to severely regulate immigration. For someone who believes in people being able to determine their own lives free of governmental diktat, he doesn't support the DREAM Act and wants to repeal birthright citizenship. For someone so right-on about America's imperial wars, he'd have America's military patrol the U.S.-Mexico border. That Paul's immigration policy is basically no different than that of his Republican colleagues is costing him millions of Mexi votes.

Unlike many gabachas living in Tucson, I love living in a bilingual city and am trying to learn to speak better Spanish. Because of this, I am watching a lot of Spanish-language television. My problem? I am a science-fiction nerd. Although I enjoy the novelas, horror movies and game shows, I haven't found any good science-fiction shows to watch. Where can I look for Spanish shows with spaceships and lots of pew-pew-pew?

—Where No Gabacha Has Gone Before

Dear Gabacha: I take it you haven't mined the canon of Santo, the legendary silver-masked wrestler? He fought diabolical brains and plain ol' invading Martians when not fending off vampire women and other horror tropes. There was a chingón 2008 indie movie Sleep Dealer, which was like Blade Runner meets Born in East L.A., and UCLA had a film retrospective of Mexican sci-fi from the 1950s a couple of years ago.

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Que horrendo artículo, soy Mexicano y estoy de acuerdo con la postura de Ron Paul referente a la inmigración, no porque sea un fanatico de Ron Paul, sino porque entiendo los principios de la filosofía del individualismo.

El objetivo de tu artículo es dar una mala luz a Ron Paul ante los Mexicanos.  Es correcto el decir que Ron Paul está en contra de la inmigración, pues solo de la ILEGAL, y concuerdo con él, a los mexicanos que están en ese pais en forma ILEGAL no deben dárseles premios, después de todo, ¿darías un premio a quien entra de manera ilegal en tu casa, aunque sea para tarbajar y por ello el premio será hacerlo parte de tu familia?

Sin embargo, no puedo evitar sentir compasión por mis compatriotas en ese País, estar de manera ilegal tampoco justifica recibir un trato tal que viole los derechos del individuo, como actualmente ocurre.

Finalmente la respuesta de Estados Unidos de reforzar sus fronteras me parece atinada, así menos compatriotas lograrán cruzar ahi, y se quedarán aquí en México donde contribuirán a alcanzar la masa crítica para combatir las causas que los llevaran a querer irse.

Olvidaste mencionar y recalcarl el hecho de que Ron Paul también toca el aspecto humano, en el sentido de que no piensa que la deportación masiva sea la solución, pues entiende que eso dividirá a familias enteras, ilegales con hijos ciudadanos, más sufrimiento humano innecesario.

Critiar a Ron Paul acerca de querer eliminar la nacionalidad por nacimiento es también hipócrita, pues en México tenemos esa misma provisión.

P.D. Te escribo todo esto en español porque dices ser Mexicano, pero si fuera necesario también te lo puedo poner en ingles, muchos saludos desde Mérida, Yucatán, México.

Amanda Newman
Amanda Newman

I voted for Ron Paul and will vote for him again... I love Mexican-Americans and any other Americans that are here legally through immigration and love their family members that want to fill out the same paperwork someone in Africa, Canada, Australia, etc. has to fill out to get here. Equal opportunity abounds for ALL immigrants. Just because you live close to our borders, doesn't give you a leg up on the rest of the "races" out there and you aren't entitled to citizenship.Which, I might add, your focus on entitlement to Mexicans, contributes to the racism that you are concerned about, yet perpetuating yourself. Also, I have several friends from Mexico that have started businesses here in Texas and are slowly bringing family over one by one, legally, and they support Ron Paul 100%. If you'd like a crash course in the Constitution, civil liberties, protecting our country and any Ron Paul policies... I'd be more than happy to share why protecting borders and national defense isn't racially motivated.


Talk about double standard BS. César Chávez was also against illegal immigration because it undermined his union organizing efforts. He pretty much used the same tactics as the Minutemen on our border today, yet is revered by hispanic communities in every major city from California to Texas who have named major streets and libraries after him.


I think this was a bad article.. Seems to me that somebody over there at the Observer is anti Ron Paul.. Here is a short article that can clear up the hazed mention of Ron Paul's immigration views.

Dcn Joseph Suaiden
Dcn Joseph Suaiden

I'm not sure what exactly is anti-Mexican per se about Ron Paul. On the one hand, he doesn't appear to be big on deportation. On the other, he doesn't support the DREAM act, which as people look at it now, because that doesn't fit in his strategy of eventually destroying the financial aid system for everybody. He's against a border fence and believes that Bilingualism in government is a state right, not a federal mandate. And if I remember correctly, he's very clear about borders on both sides of the country. We forget that many English-speaking immigrants come illegally from Europe. Ron Paul is the only one with a consistent immigration policy. Further, his positions on the drug war and countries self-policing would reverse a lot of the trends of the US messing with people in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

Many Mexican-Americans and other Latinos already know this and don't buy into the cries of the left that they are all the same.

The only issue I have with is with the "birthright citizenship" issue because it addresses a largely made up problem-- there aren't millions of "anchor babies" roaming the streets. My guess is that it will not be a priority in his administration.