At Vspot Vegan Cafe, Making Meatless Work for the Buckle of the Beef Belt

And no, it's not hard to find.

Don't get too excited if you're a ravenous carnivore, though. If you need a reminder that you're in a vegan restaurant, look to the eggplant dish. The pucks are perfectly fried and supporting curry-laden vegetables worked, but the sauce the "stack" of vegetables swims in is tepid and flat.

Raw dishes are even more challenging. Kale enchiladas are an ode to rabbit food, as raw as the vegetables at a country farmers market. The textures and flavors are exciting, and the plate will obviously appeal to those adhering to the strictest dietary dogmas, but a fan of Herrera's sour cream enchiladas will be underwhelmed. Perhaps they'd prefer the pizza instead?

The eggplant stack: Just looking at it makes you want to give up steak, doesn't it?
Sara Kerens
The eggplant stack: Just looking at it makes you want to give up steak, doesn't it?

Location Info


V Spot Vegan Cafe

1908 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Category: Restaurant >

Region: East Dallas & Lakewood


Vspot Vegan Cafe
Onion Lotus $8
Gnocchi $15
Eggplant Stack $18
Tacos $16
Guacamole and chips $7

Vspot won't sherpa steak lovers into a new age of vegan bliss, but it does offer a dining experience capable of bridging the gap between hardcore carnivores and their crunchy counterparts. It also offers a window into a possible future when a city whose dining culture, which was built on the backs of cattle, begins to embrace a dining experience that celebrates roasted mushrooms and creamed spinach as much as the steaks they typically accompany.

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The first time I went I had the vegetables sauteed in sweet Thai chili sauce on white and wild rice. Everything was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of bite. The plate was beautiful, and the flavors complex. My friend had the mushroom risotto. Excellent as well, but not enough profiles to make a dinner in my opinion. Next visit I had the raw zucchini pasta. It was as amazing as the first dish. I loved the place. I understand Brenner's thoughts on the incomplete menu and experience, but I feel the place deserves a much higher rating.