The March Oral Fixation played to a full house at The MAC and included several funny, ribald stories of one-night-only sexual encounters, and one woman's story of her relationship to her "one nightstand," a piece of furniture she inherited. Playwright Mac Lower shared his story of an evening of passion with an older women who had once been his high school Spanish teacher. The encounter has its moments of farce, as when she leaves him standing naked in the bedroom while she goes to turn on the stereo: "I heard the music begin to play. How'm I supposed to keep an erection to Enya?"

Writer Ryan Creery began his monologue with light comedy — "We met two smooth talkers. We'll call them Ron and Jeremy" — and then worked step by step through a sadistic date-rape and its psychological aftermath. "I've learned to love without waiting for the bruise," he said at the end.

Hey, big spender, the guys of Uptown Players' Broadway Our Way have your number.
Mike Morgan
Hey, big spender, the guys of Uptown Players' Broadway Our Way have your number.


Broadway Our Way: A Decade of Divas continues through March 25 at Kalita Humphreys Theater. Call 214-219-2718. In the Heights continues through March 25 at the Winspear Opera House. Call 214-880-0202. Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales) returns to The MAC on April 17. Go to

Confession is good for the soul, they say. And these evenings of personal, provocative confessional stories are good for the teller and the listener. They are theater at its most basic, the shared experience, raw and riveting.

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I think you weren't fully attending to In The Heights, b/c it's the character of Nina that you're describing, not Vanessa.


Lol in the heights you got the characters mixed up