Sissy's Serves Up Southern Charm the Texas Way: By the Bucket

Get your bow ties ready: Garza's debut dresses (and tastes) the part.

Chicken-fried steak, fried oysters, squash puppies, fish and chips and fried okra all bathe in bubbling oil. These dishes are fine, but not show stoppers, and considering their caloric cost, your time is much better spent on the chicken.

That's what most people are doing as it is. Hobbs told me sales of fried bird outpace every other dish by at least 2 to 1. I tried a pork chop on my final visit, smothered in a salty gravy that ate like demi-glace and paired with a sweet corn bread pudding. As bucket after bucket of golden fried chicken passed my table, I wished that I had followed the masses.

That in mind, here's how to navigate Sissy's: Grab two or three friends and sit at the bar. The staff behind the marble seems more attentive than the rest, who forgot to bring my okra and despite their charm were clumsy at times. Order a bready Abita Amber or one of those stunning, spicy margaritas garnished with a flower blossom. Then order a bucket of chicken and a bottle of that housemade hot sauce for every hand. Stick to basics for sides: whipped potatoes, mac and cheese, Texas caviar and leathery collard greens, which wake up nicely with a touch of lemon or vinegar. And practice restraint if you want to make it through dessert.

Sissy's bucket of fried chicken pairs well with an overstuffed couch.
Sara Kerens
Sissy's bucket of fried chicken pairs well with an overstuffed couch.
Unfortunately, no overstuffed couches.
Sara Kerens
Unfortunately, no overstuffed couches.

Location Info


Sissy's Southern Kitchen

2929 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Category: Restaurant > Southern

Region: East Dallas & Lakewood


Sissy's Southern Kitchen and Bar
Deviled eggs $8
Crabcake $16
Shrimp and grits $18
Fried chicken $11
XXX Chocolate Cake $7

Which you might want to do. Bread pudding brings a soft, custardy, jiggling, car battery-sized piece of lead, topped with candied nuts and drizzled with crème anglaise. It's delicious, but don't attempt to tackle this dessert without at least two friends, and call your mother to let her know you're OK when it's over.

The chocolate cake is lighter but it needs clarification. The menu claims it's "better than sex," which I'm quite certain it's not. Moist, rich and dark as pitch, it's a fine piece of cake for sure. It's better than bad sex, maybe, or sex you want but can't have. But only maybe. These things are relative.

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