"I have a family. I'm too old for that," he says. "I'm 38. It's not very old, but there aren't a lot of 38-year-old guys going to see Dawes at Club Dada."

The problem is that The Foundry has shaped up to be a neighborhood bar, a place where people can have a few beers and enjoy the scenery. Charging a cover for a national act would send all the regulars elsewhere for the night, and doing it often will send them away for good. So Jeffers wants to keep the shows free. It's gray area, trying to brand The Foundry as a legitimate venue that doesn't charge a cover. He's hired Tactics Productions promoter Kris Youmans to navigate it and, for now, most weekends The Foundry has local bands, including Menkena and The Cush on Saturday. Jeffers is hoping to have some bigger shows, and admits he may have to charge a cover, but before that both he and Youmans want to wait and see what the venue becomes on its own.

Chris Jeffers pedals his magic chicken wagon.
Hal Samples
Chris Jeffers pedals his magic chicken wagon.

"It almost has too much potential," Jeffers says. "We gotta let it have its own legs and see what it's going to be."

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Cabe Booth
Cabe Booth

Sounds pretty cool I will have to swing by and see/hear this for myself. Getting Youmans on board was a great move. I'll also remember to charge Marcus next time he sleeps on my futon, jk


Totally dig what Jeffers is doing, and I'm going to support anyone that wants to give me a soundtrack that includes Pavement to accompany my nice craft brew.... BUT, I'm 39 and I saw Dawes at Dada, along with countless other shows around the metrolplex... Saying you're too old to go to shows is like saying you are too old to go to a challenging exhibit at Whistler or Conduit, or (closer to home) too old to dine on an inventive new dish at Campo Modern or Bolsa. Partaking and being engaged in the growing cultural fabric of our city, including live music, does not come with an age-limit.


I saw a band that might fit in with The Foundry's vibe. I think they're called Fingerless Ghost, I've seen them a few times at Ginger Man. I know they like playing outdoors and I've never heard of them having a cover charge.


He was a shitty bartender. Who told you he was the best? Oh, he did.

Christopher Jeffers
Christopher Jeffers

I agree and thought about that after I said it. That show was on a Thursday last October and I had bought tickets and chickened out the night off after thinking about the next morning. Plenty of 38 yr old guys go to see great music. I was just implying that I am a softie.

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