Dallas, he seems to be saying, has become a festival town, and Florence remains almost inhumanly optimistic.

Ben Kweller, one of 15 acts on this year's Homegrown lineup.
Ben Kweller, one of 15 acts on this year's Homegrown lineup.


Homegrown Music Arts Festival takes place Saturday, May 26, at Main Street Garden Park.

"Since part of the catalyst for Homegrown was the park itself, I think that had a lot to do with how we designed the layout: Two stages, where the vendors go, etc. Considering the talent, we just wanted to keep it local and all-Texas. We've got plenty of talent here to have a killer festival for many more years to come, without ever having to grab talent from another state. I must admit, I'm a native Texan and I get sucked into the Texas pride."

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Poor Vida Leo J
Poor Vida Leo J

For the last couple of years I've had an event that has has over 1,000 in attendance in an all Texas underground Hip Hop Festival. It can be done with great success!

Anthony Mariani
Anthony Mariani

I don't know if this is really relevant, but for the past 10 years we here at Fort Worth Weekly have been throwing an all-Fort Worth-band festival and drawing thousands of people. From five bands 10 years ago, we now have 48 bands, and a little more than 7,000 folks came and went throughout the day last year. For the 2012 festival, Sunday, June 24, a bunch of great Fort Worth bands are slated to play, in eight venues in the West 7th corridor, including Burning Hotels, Telegraph Canyon, Pinkish Black, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Quaker City Night Hawks, The Orbans, The Phuss, Skeleton Coast, and The Hanna Barbarians. The show, as always, is free. I guess what I'm saying is that if an all-Fort Worth-band festival can thrive, there really doesn't seem to be any reason why an all-TEXAS-band festival can't. Best of luck to the HomeGrown folks.

Eric Tijerina
Eric Tijerina

Went to the festival last year, it was great. I’m planning on going again this year, but if promoters expect more growth I think they will have capacity issues with Main Street Garden Park. It was quite full last year.

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