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Many subscribe to the “base tan” method of summering. This is when you foolishly lay out or participate in an outdoor shirtless sport sans sunscreen in order to get burned that first time and provide a “base” for future “tans.” This is a really dumb idea. What is not a dumb idea, however, is slathering on the sunscreen (even if it’s indoors and cloudy, dammit) and heading out to the Scorpions Motorcycle Club, 10750 Shiloh Road, for the Dallas Derby Devils’ Army of Darkness Derby Mania. You may or may not want to eat a “base dog” in preparation for the hot-dog eating competition. A “base coat” of oil for spectators of the oil wrestling is not required, nor recommended. Also, a word of caution: Hanging out and celebrating the summer with the badass ladies of the Derby Devils may provide you with a “base level” of courage to challenge them to a skate-off. You will lose. Have another hot dog instead. Festivities last from 2 to 8 p.m., and admission is $5. Visit
Sun., June 10, 2012
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