"There have been some surprises. He and I are friends now and hopefully he won't be upset by this, but when Casey Donahew first started, I just didn't get it. I love him now, but a few years ago, I just thought he'd be in a bar band and that would be it. When he began to sell out Billy Bob's, I was shocked, and had to admit I was wrong."

Of course, Taylor caught a glimpse of artistic promise from his platform before most people had heard a note of a young performer's work.

"In 2002, I felt as though I was on the inside, as I got to watch Randy Rogers get his start," he says. "That's when I was in Corpus Christi, and I know no one outside of Dallas/Fort Worth knew about him. Finally, his first album came out and he would barely hit the 30s on the chart, and look at how huge he is now. Randy will tell you that I was one of the first people to play his music regularly."

Taylor spells it out.
Taylor spells it out.

For Taylor, the Texas Countdown is merely an extension of a passion that's only grown deeper over its decade-long run. That passion has created a simple but meaningful mission.

"I guess I just want people to be touched by this music in the way that it's touched me."

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